How To Design A Free Business Card

How to design a business card for free using Canva. This is simple, straightforward and a great way to get the business card you dream of. It's so simple you'll question why you've ever been paying people to design you a business card in the past.

I have a whole host of different business cards for different purposes;

One for my Lego business. It contains the online website, contact details and social media contacts. It’s great to give to customers at shows and include within our online orders.

Another for the reselling that Helen and I do together. It contains a short list of the types of items we buy along with some contact details. It’s great to hand a couple out to people we speak to at the carboot or leave some in our local post office for those cleaning out and looking for some quick cash.

We both have business cards for our blogs. To pass onto other bloggers at networking events, or to leave with PR and marketing advisors who might want to work with us on different projects.

With all that in mind, it’s a good job I’m able to design a free business card myself using Canva. When starting any business money can be tight. The last thing you want to be doing is spending money unnecessary. Using Canva to design a free business card is simple, straight forward and a great way to save yourself some cash.

An just because the designs are free don’t think they are not;

A. Professional
B. Cool and modern

Because in my opinion they’re both. Just take a look at the sample below;

Load Canva

To get started you’re going to want to load the Canva website. What I love about Canva is there’s nothing to download, patch, upgrade and install. Instead it’s there, ready to use when you need it (internet connection required)

Once you’ve loaded the website you’re going to want to sign up. You can do so using Facebook, Google or Email. It doesn’t make a difference which you choose.

Select Your Design

Once you’re logged in you’ll be shown to the ‘All your designs page’ this is where your completed designs will be stored (thanks to the cloud) for you to edit and update in the future should that be required.

What we’re concerned about is the panel at the top. Create a design. You’ll see a small selection of different options as well as the more button. Click on that and the create a design will expand.

How To Design Your Professional Business Card For Free Using Canva
In this instance we’re looking to design a free business card. Scroll down to find the marketing genre, within that you’ll see the business card option. Click on it and you should find it opens a new tab within your browser.

Select Your Layout

Now we’re into the design stages of the business card. Specifically the layout. Canva comes pre-installed with over 100 different business card designs. All designs are two pages (designed for double-sided business cards)

You can select the layout by scrolling down on the left-hand side and clicking on the design you would like to use.

How To Avoid Paid Designs

Some designs will be labelled as free. However once selected they’ll come up with a small ‘$’ icon. This is specifically due to the image used within the design. You’ll be able to note the image that is requiring payment due to the watermark.

If you simply remove that image or change it to another image (either uploaded yourself or from Canvas catalogue of free images) then the design will be free to download.


Now it’s time to customise. Add images, add text. Change the font, change the size, change the colour. There’s really no limit and plenty of options to choose from.

Download Your Design

Once you’ve finished you’ll be able to download your design. There’s a number of different download formats available including PDF and JPEG.

The design will then remain in your account for you to change and update in the future should you wish to do so.

There we have it. You’ve just designed yourself a highly professional free business card in a matter of minutes. If you’re interested in seeing more Canva tutorials in the future or have any questions as to this tutorial leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to help.


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