CoSchedule Review: The ONLY WordPress Editorial Calendar You Need

If like me you’re an online content creator then you no doubt know the important of two things; getting the timing right and social media. Post about Christmas wreaths in August and you’re missing the market, regardless of all the social media marketing in the world. However, do the same in November and avoid social media all together and you’re destined for failure once again.

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CoSchedule is more than just an editorial calendar. It's integration with social media and to-do-lists saves me time and increases my conversion rate. The format of both the site and the plug-in is simple and straight forward.

I’ve taken courses such as Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and 17 Strategies I Used To Grow My Page Views From 17k to over 350k+ Per Month and they all say the same thing. Timing and social media is important. However, saying it and actually making it happen are two different things.


I’ve tried the likes of Hootsuite and Buffer but nothing has been ‘just right’ that was until I heard about CoSchedule.


What is CoSchedule?

I created this quick video (as shown below) to give you an overview of what CoSchedule is and how it works…


How Does CoSchedule Work?

CoSchedule allows you to connect both your blog and your social media connections (they connect to all the major players; Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc & there’s no limit on the number of accounts you can connect). Once added you can publish your blogs content to any of those social media networks.


Let’s say you write a blog post. You create all of the social messages you want to share that blog post to your networks. You can set them to publish immediately and in the future as much as you want.


All this is done on a simple, modern calendar so you can see exactly what your plan is. You can easily move it all around with drag-and-drop and if you choose to move a blog post, guess what? All of the social media messages automatically move with it – Magic!

  Coschedule review  


CoSchedule has such a simple and easy to use interface design, and the analytics is no exception. Simple bar charts make it easy to see how many shares each of our posts have gotten on each social platform.

Coschedule review

In just a glance I’m able to see what pieces of content are performing best on social media. I’m then able to adjust my content stratergy directly based off of this. 

CoSchedule Customer Service

The CoSchedule customer service team have been there for me every step of the way. The team worked out what I was using the platform for, and then told me about the features of the platform that I had yet to discover that were going to benefit me.

CoSchedule also has a great blog with tons of information about social media, content marketing, and how to improve your productivity.


How Do You Use CoSchedule?

CoSchedule comes with a fourteen day free trial. I love this as I always want to trial things before putting my money where my mouth is.

After 7 days I loved it enough to pay for a year in advance, saving myself $108 in the process. I’ve gone onto download the CoSchedule plugin especially designed for WordPress which allows me to update my blog through WordPress or through the CoSchedule website.

However, it’s not just bloggers like me who are experiencing the benefits of CoSchedule.


Businesses such as Microsoft, Home Depot and Rosetta Stone are all using the services that CoSchedule offer to maximise their return automatically. 

Not only is this website saving me hundreds of hours and maximising the results of my social media whilst I sleep. The outcome even after 7 days has been amazing! Check out this screen shot from Pinterest. You can see that my daily impressions and views have grown by 5,000% by using CoSchedule. Results I’ve been trying to achieve on my own for months, maybe even years.

  I'm doing this CoSchedule Review because of the impact CoSchedule has had on my Pinterest traffic   

If you’re earning money from blogging then you’re going to need to register as self-employed with HMRC. You’re also going to need to complete yearly self assessment tax forms. I recommend using the online service Xero for such services. The programme is simple, straightforward and super affordable.


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