The 4 Greatest Benefits of Attending a Blogging Conference

In 2016 I dedicated a set amount of money each month to networking and personal development. Having worked from home via the internet since graduating from University three years ago. I’ve started to find that my confidence in meeting new people and social interaction is at an all time low.

With that, I started attending blogging conferences. Firstly BritMums, then BlogOn (I’ve already three lined up for the rest of 2017 and it’s only June!) 

Regardless of your niche or location I believe that attending a blogging conference is essential for any new or established blogger. Here are my four benefits of attending a blogging conference;

Networking With Bloggers

The first and perhaps one of the greatest benefits of attending a blogging conference is the networking opportunities. Firstly, the opportunity to network with other bloggers. They might be blogging about the same topic as you or something entirely different. 

Either way a blogging conference is a great opportunity to put a name (or should I say blog) to a face. It’s a chance to share information, ask advice and provide support. 

All of this leads to both great personal and professional friendships. If you’ve a friend, family member or spouse that’s fed up of you talking about domain authority and canned email responses then you’ll know what I’m talking about.


@blogonuk was such a blast. Can’t wait to do it all again in a few months ?

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Networking with brands

Networking with bloggers isn’t the only networking you’re likely to do. Blogging conferences can provide a great chance to network with brands. 

Brands attend blogging conferences because they WANT to meet bloggers. They WANT to develop relationships and use bloggers to help market their products, brand and increase their readership.

Off the back of networking with brands you’re likely to receive an opportunity for a sponsored post, become a brand ambassador or review a product.

Learn Something New

Despite blogging for almost four years and a degree in Computing in Business I still find myself learning A LOT from the speakers at the event. 

It’s one of my favourite benefits of attending a blogging conference. Because, let’s face it. Things in the bloggersphere are always changing and there’s always someone doing something better than you. So why shouldn’t we take the time to listen to what they have to say, learn from it, implement it and grow?

Get The Blogging Mojo

One of the greatest benefits of attending a blogging conference is the ability to find the love for blogging again. Increase that blogging mojo, get the creative juices flowing – whatever you want to call it.

I often find I’m in my ‘blogging prime’ post any blogging conference – and let me tell you something. It’s awesome!

There we have it! My four (although there could of easily been more) reasons for attending a blogging conference. As always though I’d love to know what you think. Let me know down in the comments below. Have you been to a blogging conference before? If so what was you’re biggest takeaway? If not, why not?


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