What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

It’s one of those dreams right? Winning the lottery… I think at one point or another we all imagine what it must be like.

My grandparents bought a lottery ticket ever single week religiously, however I’ve never really been a big lottery player. So when Lottoland got in touch and asked me what I thought of their website, I was intrigued. 

In auto-response mode I quickly Googled ‘Lottoland’ and clicked on the first link, here are just some of the prize jackpots waiting to be won that greeted me back.

A chance to win £10 million every 4 minutes? Win £25 million with the EuroMillions or £143 million playing in my favourite country of all time the US?

All life changing amounts, once again I’m left thinking about what I’d do with the money…

Buy a house?

A fast car?… or two…

Travel first class?

Buy an island?… Wait? How much does an island cost?

I’d treat my parents, obviously.

A suite in Vegas on the strip?

Private jet?

A cruise? – I REALLY want to go on a cruise.

I’d give to charity, because let’s face it after all that self indulgence I’d need some sort of self redeeming quality. 

I’m woken from my daydream to my girlfriend Helen waving in front of my face…

Oh yes, I was talking about Lottoland… 

Rules mean that you’re unable to play lotteries from just anywhere. However Lottoland allows you to play lotteries all around the world thanks to lotto betting.

All this means is that you basically get a line of numbers in the same way, the prizes are the same too. It’s just a different way of placing the bet. All it really means is that you have lots more chances to win big jackpots that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Lottoland offer various different ways to add credit to your account. In fact, if you add £100 to your account via bank transfer you get an additional 3% (you don’t see that kind of discount when you’re in the local shop getting your lottery ticket)

They also have fantastic player protection settings. I’m always keen to talk about gambling responsibility, even when discussing something as simple as the lottery or matched betting. So I really respect companies who look after their players well being and offer credit or time settings that help people stay in control.

So, with the chance to win millions of pounds while sitting on your sofa in your PJ’s I guess there’s only one question I need to ask… What would you do if you won the lottery?

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