How To Prepare For Black Friday

Updated for 2017

Black Friday is almost upon us, and while I’m still undecided as to whether I like this time of year or not. I know for many it’s a religious event. Getting up at the crack of dawn and scouring the shops either online or in-store to ensure that everyone has everything they need come the big day…

That said, I think there’s some things even the most avid Black Friday fans forget. Which is why I’ve curated this list to help you prepare for Black Friday.

Update Online Shopping Accounts

While frantically shopping online, clicking check out and screaming at your computer. You can easily forget that the primary address is actually your old University dorm, or end up wasting time entering your credit card details because your old one has expired.

Instead, take a look at the major accounts you are likely to be shopping with on Black Friday. Create an account if you haven’t already, and ensure that you’re details are up to date.

Follow Social Media

In the run up to Black Friday major outlets will be promoting the offers they’ll be running via Social Media. Follow the outlets you are most likely to shop at or join a dedicated Facebook group that shares the major announcements.

Make A List – AND STICK TO IT!

This is somewhat where my hate for Black Friday comes from. The hype surrounding the date and the offers causes us to panic buy. It’s something the retailers thrive on. 

So, make a list of people you need to buy for and stick to it. Don’t compromise on the quality of the product as Black Friday is often used by retailers to get rid of old stock prior to the launch of a new updated version that’s either just been released or set to be announced.

Also, be sure you don’t impulse buy… You might see something that’s ‘Just so Jenny!” but honestly if you’ve already spent an allocated budget on this person don’t spend anymore.

Pay With A Credit Card

Not only do credit cards provide great reward programmes. I personally use the American Express and gain points that I use for hotels when we travel. They can also provided an extra level of protection to a product should something happen.

Of course, be sure that you pay the credit card off in full to avoid paying any interest.

Bring Your Own Bag!

In UK we’re now charged for the use of a plastic bag. If you’re planning on shopping in a couple of places then this cost can soon add up and the impact on the environment isn’t a good one. 

Instead look to pack a reusable bag or take a large backpack.

Tips For Waiting In Long Lines

If you’re heading out to the shops on Black Friday then it’s likely you’ll find yourself in a line. Depending on the shop or offer in question lines can range drastically. Here’s some ways you can ensure you keep yourself healthy and pass the time;

– Arrive at the store for when they open (or slightly before)
– Bring a cushion or folding chair to sit on
– Bring reading material 
– Pack your headphones so you can listen to some music or an audiobook. 
– Buddy up – great for someone holding your place in line while you run to the toilet.

In my opinion going into the store should be a last resort. If you can get the same deal online then you’re saving yourself time, you’ll have added protection thanks to the distance selling regulations and you’ll probably find yourself less influenced by others and therefore more likely to stick to your original list & budget.

Don’t Forget About Cyber Monday

Because the stores aren’t done with your wallet just yet…

Cyber Monday tends to be the day you’ll find great deals on technology. While the deals tend to be better the selection of products available can be worse – with stores selling out on Black Friday. It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk and wait it out.


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