How To Win Facebook Competitions

In 2016 I won a whopping 107 prizes, totalling a phenomenal £11,308.

However, of those 107 prizes only three came from Facebook. So it’s no surprise that I’ve dedicated 2017 to learning how to leverage the world’s most popular social media website to my advantage.

Four months in and I’ve had phenomenal success winning everything from walking bundles to melon seeds to Go Pro’s, so it seems only fitting that I share what I know…  

How To Create A Facebook Account

First of all you’re going to need a Facebook account. There’s over 1.86 BILLION Facebook accounts currently live.

However, I still know many people who don’t have an account of there own (my dad for one). Unfortunatly, if you’re wanting to enter Facebook competitions you’re going to need a Facebook account. If you don’t already have an account then getting started is simple.

You don’t have to use your real name (although I’d recommend you do, or choose a very relatable nickname – to ensure the person who is winning the prize is actually you).

I have many friends who are teachers and have to use their middle name as their first name – to avoid students finding their weekend antics!

After you’re name and very basic details you’ll be asked to share a photo. Again this is optional but something I highly recommend doing.

Promotors want winners to seem as real and genuine as possible. Having someone who has no Facebook photo doesn’t shout relatable. Now you’ve got your own account it’s time to search out those competitions…  

How To Find Facebook Competitions

Once registered it’s time to start finding those competitions. The easiest way to find competitions on Facebook is to find other people on Facebook who also love comping.

That way you can simply use your Facebook wall to follow what they are doing. However, if you’re new to Facebook then you may have no friends and if you’ve been on the platform for a while you might not have any who are interested in entering competitions.

For that reason I recommend joining the dedicated Lucky Learners Facebook group. Run by avid comper Di Coke the group is filled with more than 3,500 friendly compers. Di likes to keep tabs on who is in the group and therefore requests that you message her directly first so she can manually accept you – this keeps out the spammers!

Whilst the Lucky Learners Facebook group is filled with people you can follow promotors are now actively promoting their Facebook pages and so you’ll find Competition directories listing Facebook competitions directly. I talk about competition directories on another comping post.  

Different Types of Facebook Competitions

There are a large number of different ways in which Facebook competitions are run, here’s a quick overview.

Like & Share

This is a big no-no. 

If a promotor asks you to enter by liking the page, liking the post and sharing the post on your wall they are breaking the terms and conditions of Facebooks policy. Unfortunatly this doesn’t seem to stop many promotors from advertising such competitions.


The most popular entry method is often via comment.

The promotor will ask you to leave a comment on a particular post or photo. The comment may have to contain certain words, explain why you’d like to win the item etc. etc.

Facebook competitions commonly require you to leave a comment...

External Applications

Larger promoters may often use integrated applications within Facebook.

Games such as Candy Crush are an example of an application within Facebook. In order to take part in these particular Facebook competitions you’ll be asked to ‘allow’ the application to access your information.

Whilst this sounds terrifying, it’s really not as bad as it seems. You’re simply giving the promoter the permission to access the information that you’re already sharing with everyone else on Facebook.  

Facebook Competition Hints + Tips

So you have an account, you’ve found competitions and you’re entering like crazy.

After a short while with no success it can seem easy to give up. We’ve all been there, so let me share with you my top Facebook competition hints and tips.

Don’t Set Up Multiple Accounts

It’s against Facebooks terms of service to have more than one Facebook account so while it can seem tempting to split your real life friends and your comping friends up, don’t.

Instead I’d advise you to create lists and categorise your friends accordingly. I have a list of friends from school, a list of competition friends, blogging friends etc. etc.

I’m then able to use these lists to decide who to show what action to. This also means that you won’t be spamming you’re friends walls with competitions (well only the comping friends, who love to see this stuff anyway!)

Comment With Thought

If you’re asked to leave a comment try and make it thoughtful and relatable. Include a photo if you have the option. The better you’re answer the more likely you are to win.

Don’t include a sob story… I’m yet to find one person who has won a competition based on replying with a sob story. Instead keep it funny and lighthearted.

Make it something that the promotor may want to share in the future. Most importantly, when leaving a comment ensure that you’re leaving something the promoter asked about.

For example if they ask you’re favourite flavour of their brand of soup don’t reply “I’d love to win this”… You’ve not followed the instructions and left a thoughtful comment. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many fail at this first hurdle.

Check Your Messages

Facebook filters can often mean that messages sent to your Facebook account are restricted.

This means that you never actually get alerted to them being there. Finding such messages is simple. Click the message icon, and instead of viewing you’re recent messages view your message requests.

Set up an alert on your calendar and check these messages once a week to ensure you never miss a win!

Facebook competition win notifications can often be filtered 
That should be just about everything. So whether you’re just getting started in entering Facebook competitions, or simply need some motivation to get winning some more.

Follow these steps and you should be well on your way. As always I’d love to know you’re thoughts, do you prefer Facebook competitions over Twitter? What’s you’re greatest Facebook competition win? or what do you hate the most about Facebook competitions? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Anne Hamilton April 5, 2017 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    Good article Cora. I do a lot of Facebook competitions. When life doesn’t get in the way I do more and have won many great prizes: 4 Bicycles, holidays, clothes, money, hampers, drink, cosmetics, toiletries, and toys to name a few. I love this hobby as you never know what the postie is going to bring. It is like Christmas, the excitement of opening each parcel.

    • TMM April 6, 2017 at 7:50 am - Reply

      That’s awesome Anne. I completely agree, every time the postman comes it’s like Christmas! 🙂

  2. georgie pope June 7, 2017 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    I HATE them! I simply can’t get FB to send me any notifications as to when I’m tagged, even on their dedicated page, let alone by email. Got any ideas? I’ve tried and tried and tried to change all the options. I’m about to give up as I just miss everything…………..

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