How To Enter Purchase Necessary Competitions

I used to think paying to play for competitions was a bit of a ‘scam’. That was of course until I won my three biggest prizes from purchase necessary competitions; a family trip to Orlando, Florida, A TV & Blu Ray Player and a £500 designer watch. Read here how I won £11,000 in prizes from competitions in 2016…

This is exactly why I’m dedicating todays post to sharing with you guys exactly how you can enter purchase necessary competitions, and start winning yourself some fabulous prizes!

I’ve only covered what in my opinion are the best and most common, but it’s worth remembering that there are others;


On Pack Promotions

The problem with purchase necessary competitions is there’s so many different types! I’ve broken the post down as best I can starting with my favourite purchase necessary entry method. It’s the only one (I can think of) where I’ve actually won from a purchase necessary competition (however those few more than made up for my expenses of purchasing these products)

So, on pack promotions. You’ll find these on neck collars of wine. Printed onto the bottle or on the back of a bottle sleeve, inside boxes etc. 

Just to make things a little more confusing for you, there are a number of different types of on pack promotions;

Winning Moment

Again, I’ve listed my favourite type of purchase necessary competition first. The winning moment (also known as an instant win). I love these for the instant gratification of finding out whether you’ve won alongside the manipulation you can have with the system to increase your chances of winning.

So, a winning moment is the first entry received after the randomly generated moment. So if the moment is set to 12.04pm, and someone enters at 12.10pm provided nobody else has entered between 12.05pm and 12.10pm then the person to enter at 12.10pm will be declared as the winner – instantly!

Depending on the prizes available there could be one, ten or even thousands of prizes that could be won seconds or hours after the winning moment occurs.

So, I spoke about manipulating your chances of winning, I did this with my biggest win to date. The family trip to Universal Orlando. We bought the game of monopoly on the Saturday afternoon, but I figured the chances of people entering on a (rainy) Saturday afternoon were quite high.

Instead, like a crazy woman I slept with the sealed game of monopoly next to my bed. When I woke up Sunday morning I unwrapped the box of monopoly, entered the code and won the star prize. I was more likely to win because the odds of anyone else entering a code from around 11pm Saturday night up until the point of me entering my code at around 7am in the morning were super low.

However, the truth is I have no idea when that winning moment was triggered. It could of been seconds, minutes, hours or even days before I entered the code. Which in my opinion makes it all the more exciting!

Prize Draw

This is when you’ll find a code on packaging. It might be a neck collar, inside packaging etc. and enter it either online or via text.

Then depending on the terms and conditions of the competition you might find out if you’re a winner that hour, that day or even once the competition has closed depending on how the competition has been set up.

Swipe To Win

Something I’ve not been so lucky with is swipe to win competitions. In this case you’re often required to purchase a specific product and swipe your loyalty card while paying to be in with a chance of winning.

I don’t like these competitions as much as people can enter without knowing in many cases (I mean how many people are scanning their Tesco ClubCard whilst buying a Mars bar, more than are specifically going to a website to enter a code right?)


Using A Product

I also managed to bags myself a PS4 and a VR headset thanks to these particular styles of purchase necessary competitions. The use of a product. 

These competitions come in all different shapes and sizes. 

They can include; filming a video with a product, taking a photo with a product, using an app with a product, sharing something on social media, writing a recipe and anything / everything in between.

I lost a competition hosted by the biscuit Brio who asked us to make a music video to the theme tune of the biscuit. But won my PS4 console by scanning my bottle of Pepsi at the time of a winning moment with a specially designed Pepsi mobile phone app (at 4am in the morning…)


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