How To Enter Radio Competitions

After going on a gameshow (and not winning) my hook for the instant win of a competition was apparent and my fear of speaking in public was at an all time low. So I decided to start looking for radio competitions.


Before you get started entering radio competitions you’re going to need a couple of things;

Firstly a radio. You might ask why since the radio is now played on TVs and via the internet but all these come with a delay. You want to be the FIRST to be call so investing in a traditional radio if you don’t already have one is a must when it comes to radio competitions.

The vast majority of radio competitions are instant wins that require you to directly call the studio. This means you’re going to need a home or mobile phone. Be sure to check the rate in which you are being charged for the calls in advance.

Before Entering

Most people ask me how I find radio competitions and honestly I do one of two things. Speak to people on Facebook and comping groups about radio competitions they’ve heard about or stations that they know love hosting radio competitions or… Have a shuffle through the stations. Spend around 15 minutes on each station and you’ll probably hear the host talking. If there not hosting a competition themselves they’ll probably be talking about one of the other shows or hosts who is hosting a radio competition at another date or time. That way you can programme it into your calendar and set reminders.

Prior to the promotion going on air find out the studio number (or number required to enter) programme that directly into your phone and set a shortcut on your phone so you only need to press one button to start the call. 

If you can have more than one phone on hand to call the studio with. Some introductions to the studio can be super long so it’s good to have a backup (or two) incase you don’t get through straight away.


When you hear the promoter begin to introduce the competition, start calling straight away. Depending on the station and popularity of the competition a number of things might happen;

1. The phone starts ringing you get straight through to someone…

2. You get an intro to the studio message you get straight through to someone…

3. The phone is engaged – try again, try again, try again…

4. You get an intro to the studio message but it says all lines are busy – try again, try again, try again

5. You get through to someone but they put you in a queue. This is incase someone prior to you gets the question(s) wrong.

If the phone starts ringing and nobody picks up just let it ring. Keep calling again on the other phone too but don’t hang up that first phone. I was once ringing for 12 minutes before getting through to someone. Who knows how many people before me hung up the phone thinking it was broken – and I went on to winning more than £600 in cash.

On The Call

Once you get through to someone at the studio, stay calm. Listen to the instructions, take your time (wherever possible) and seem enthusiastic. All this comes with practice. 

You’re not going to win them all, so take it as a bit of fun and use every experience as a learning experience.

After The Call

If you loose you’re probably just going to want to hang up.

However, if you win they’ll probably tell you to stay on the line so they can take some details. The line might go dead, don’t hang up. Someone from the office will usually then pick you up and take details such as your name and address etc.

In conclusion, radio competitions are a great way of hitting that instant win buzz. However, don’t get too hung up on them. It’s going to take some practice getting comfortable live on air, and even then you’re not going to get it right every time. 



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