Colour Graphics Wallpaper Printing Giveaway

If all of the walls in a room are decorated in the same colour, it creates harmony. However, it can be plain, bland and boring. By picking out one wall and giving it an entirely different style you can change the mood in the room instantly.

This is best known as a ‘feature wall’. Feature walls are most often used when the rest of the room is decorated with a fairly neutral colour. You pick a wall in the room and paint it a different colour, or wallpaper it with a bold pattern, creating a feature.

With the decorating season upon us I’ve partnered up with Colour Graphics to bring my readers a fantastic giveaway.

Colour Graphics custom print wallpaper. That’s right, you can have family photos printed onto wallpaper – Talk about making a house a home!

Wallpaper printing from Colour Graphics couldn’t be easier. Simply provide the information and they’ll come back instantly with a price and the option to order. The super fast turnaround means you can update your bland room in no time and the high quality print makes the image(s) really pop!

Colour Graphics Wallpaper Printing | Up To £150!