Hello From Hamburg

While on our last stop on our digital nomad adventure we stopped at Hamburg. We had got a cheap flight from Hamburg back to Manchester and so why not check out Hamburg while you are there? This was our last stop on our trip before returning back to the UK and so it was

A Long Weekend In Berlin, Germany

We recently left the beautiful city of Berlin and it is easy to see why so many people visit every year. With the many sights to see, museums to visit and the tasty food on offer I can see why so many love it here. While we have been exploring the sights of Europe on a budget

Prague, Could This Be Europe’s Prettiest City?

Our time in Prague was different to the rest of our time in Europe. We settled down, and spent almost three weeks in this beautiful city. Catching up on work, sleep and exploring. It didn't seem fitting to write a budget related post as we have done for our previous destinations (Bulgaria, Budapest, Bucharest)So, instead

Travelling Through 41 Years of Apple Products At The Apple Museum, Prague

Prague probably isn't where you'd expect to find an Apple Museum. Yet, here it is. This exhibition includes the most valuable and complex collection of computers dating from 1976 through to 2012. As both an avid Apple and Jobs enthusiast it was a MUST visit during my time in Prague and it didn't disappoint. This private collection

Chocoversum, A Museum About Chocolate – What’s Not To Love?

While we were making our way back to the UK from our digital nomad adventure, our final stop was Hamburg. We had heard so many nice things about Hamburg so we thought why not make the most of our time here. While staying in Hamburg we checked out some of the top things to do. It

Vienna: Where To Sleep & What To See In 48 hours

We have recently left the beautiful Vienna wow, what a fabulous place. I was quick to see why this continues to be known at the cultural capital of Europe. With such high recommendations, it was hard to miss this wonderful city on our journey.Convinced, that this is a MUST SEE destination in Europe it seemed

48 Fabulous Hours In Bratislava, Slovakia

We are continuing on our digital nomad adventure and have travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia from Budapest. This is certainly a place we knew nothing about. However, we needed to pass through Bratislava to get to our next destination, so we figured - why not?We spent four days working and exploring here. Although, if you are