The Complete Guide To Visiting: London

London is the capital of England and without a doubt one of the most-visited cities in Europe, if not the world. It's a 'must' on most people's bucket list, being from England ourselves we have the benefit of visiting at least once or twice a year. Which is why we decided to put together a

3 Things To Do In Killarney, Ireland

While we may not have ever thought to come to Killarney ourselves, it seemed a great opportunity to visit when coming over for TBEX. We really enjoyed our time in Dublin earlier this year so we were more than excited to be coming back to get more of that Irish charm. While here we took some

Review: American Airlines A321-231 Economy Boston, USA – Dallas, USA

I have to admit, I was secretly quite excited to be flying American Airlines for the first time. Domestic flights within the US are known for being miles better than anything we see in Europe (no doubt due to the price) In this case American didn't disappoint, in fact they threw in a little

Review: Norwegian Air 737-8 Max Economy Cork, Ireland – Providence, RI USA

Earlier this year Norwegian Air launched some pretty damn competitive flights across the Atlantic. Luckily for us one of the airport's they focused there efforts on was Cork, Ireland. Somewhere we we're actually going to be prior to looking to travel to Dallas, TX. While Norwegian wasn't flying directly to Dallas, they did offer

Do You Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Inside The UK?

We all know the importance of having travel insurance when travelling abroad. However, as the 'staycation' continues to boom. I'm asking whether or not we need travel insurance when travelling inside the UK? Of course, I'm a frugal kind of person and the last thing I want to do is pay for something that's

Our First Flight On The New Boeing 737-8 Max

I’m no plane geek. In fact I’m somewhat of the opposite - I mean, up until recently I was actually scared of flying. However, upon boarding the Norwegian Air flight from Cork, Ireland to Providence, USA I knew there was something different. From the outside we joked. This would be by far the smallest

Getting To London Kings Cross With Grand Central Rail

While back in the UK on a break from our digital nomad adventure we decided to have a trip down to London, mostly to spoil Helen at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and to use our voucher for a meal at the Northall Corinthia. We decided not to drive and save the stress for

Hello From Hamburg

While on our last stop on our digital nomad adventure we stopped at Hamburg. We had got a cheap flight from Hamburg back to Manchester and so why not check out Hamburg while you are there? This was our last stop on our trip before returning back to the UK and so it was