Resort World Birmingham Dining

Working at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for an extended period of time can really take it's toll. As I recently found out at one of our biggest Lego shows of the year, Brick Live.After staying 'off site' last year and having our van broke into I decided that for the convenience and safety

Dinner At The Northall, Corinthia Hotel, London

Roughly this time last year I came to London for an event as part of the World Travel Market. Through that event, I won an amazing prize. It was no way the scale of a trip to Florida but this was something I could save up and really use to spoil Helen. She knew I

5 Of The Best Budget Bites In Berlin

Helen and I have just gotten back from our first trip to Berlin, in fact... Our first trip to Germany! And what a wonderful time we have had. As the difference in cost between hostels and hotels was so small, we opted for a private hotel room at the Ibis budget. This meant no

9 Meals You Can Cook On A Hob

While we have been travelling around on our digital nomad adventure, we came across a few things. These things you often don't realise you use so much until you no longer have it. Such thing as an oven, we found ourselves struggling to find ideas for meals without cheating by buying a frozen pizza and

3 Places You Must Eat Whilst In Hamburg

On our last stop on our digital nomad adventure, or at least for now, we visited the wonderful city of Hamburg. We had already got our flight from Hamburg back to Manchester for a great price, so why not visit and explore the city?We were invited to stay at the Hotel/Hostel Superbude, check out my

Dinner At The Largest Hard Rock Cafe In Europe | Hard Rock Cafe Prague

When my brother came to town, he came with mum and dad's bank card (mum, dad I love you. You're the best!) and it meant we could treat ourselves to something us 'young kids' (can I still call ourselves that?) love. A trip to the local Hard Rock Cafe.Helen and I have visited Hard Rock

7 Awesome Places To Lunch In Leeds, England

I’m proud to be a Leeds Blogger. I’ve lived just ten minutes from Leeds city centre all my life. An exploring the culinary delights for the city for as long as I can remember. A fantastic hub of history, entertainment and activity.My experience probably makes this post wayyyy overdue but still... Here is my seven

3 Places To Drink, Eat & Work in Vienna, Austria

Early July 2017 we decided to take a short trip to the capitol of Austria, Vienna. In the space of just a couple of days we managed to find some fantastic places to drink, eat and work and so it seemed rather fitting we put together a list of our favourite places to drink, eat