Do You Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Inside The UK?

We all know the importance of having travel insurance when travelling abroad. However, as the 'staycation' continues to boom. I'm asking whether or not we need travel insurance when travelling inside the UK? Of course, I'm a frugal kind of person and the last thing I want to do is pay for something that's

Protect Yourself Against Flight Cancellations & Your Rights Should It Happen

Shortly after our entire holiday was cancelled due to hurricane Irma in the US. Thousands of tourists were left stranded in airports due to a staff error caused by budget airline Ryanair.I found us to be so lucky having booked our holiday as a package, the cancellation was completely hassle free. However, what can you

4 Essential Smartphone Applications For Travellers

With travel season upon us, I'm often left wondering how we ever survived without our smartphones. I'm not just talking about the inability to post photos to Instagram. I'm talking about essential smartphone applications for travellers that make modern day travelling easier than we could have ever imagined even as little as a decade ago.After

How We Travelled Around Europe With Just A 20l Backpack

As you can imagine 20l backpack isn't that much for travelling and it isn't but I am here to tell you how it all started and how you can do it too. The BackpackThe challenge started when we found our flights with the budget airline Wizz Air, the terms of baggage and hand luggage are different

6 Items You NEED To Pack For Your Next Holiday

Summer season is truly upon us. However, regardless of when you're travelling, where you're going and who you're going with. There's a couple of essential items that can make the entire trip - and I'm not talking about that new pair of shoes.Instead, here's a list of 6 items you probably don't already take with

How To Travel With Your Elderly Parents

Late 2016 I won the greatest competition of my life - a family trip to Universal Studios, Orlando! The prize was for four adults, and after a short conversation with my amazing, and very understanding girlfriend Helen, we decided to ask my elderly, retired parents if they'd like to join us.While they love their short-breaks

Ultimate Guide For Planning A British Road Trip

In March 2017 Helen and I set our on our first ever British Road Trip. The idea was that we'd head around the north of England visiting every charity shop we could. Buying items to resell for profit on eBay.Today I won't be covering the eBay side of things. Instead I'll be talking about the road trip