Days Out, Spend Money

It’s no secret that Helen and I love a good trip to the zoo. Having recently visited the Zoo in Prague during our nomad trip around Europe we jumped at the chance to visit our favourite UK based zoo while we were back – Chester Zoo!

Since being featured on the Channel 4 show, Secret Life Of The Zoo. We’ve fallen more and more in love with the amazing personalities of the animals here. 

Chester Zoo have launched the most fantastic new Play! zone and they kindly invited us along to check out some of the new play areas and ideas they have put up around the zoo alongside the animals of course!

The idea behind Play! at Chester Zoo is to create fun engagement with children and their parents throughout their day at the zoo.

One of my favourite features of the Play Zone has to be the newly opened Madagascar space. An active adventure playground designed to encourage children to explore!

Chester Zoo has some amazing viewing points. Even though the zoo at times was busy there was never a wait to see any of the animals with a choice of raised platforms, glass screens and underwater areas.

One thing that always worries me about zoo’s is the treatment of animals. After a shock horror at a zoo in China when I was just 15. Chester Zoo’s number one priority is the care of the animals and it’s so easy to see that with how happy and healthy all the animals are. 

Despite having a map, Helen’s navigation skills left some things to be desired for. Luckily Chester Zoo had us covered with signs for everyone to see guaranteeing you’re on the right road to seeing you’re favourite animal.

Just as the heavens opened we managed to take cover in one of Chester Zoo’s cafés. Helping ourselves to some delicious and well priced food while planning our route for the afternoon.

You can book your tickets for Chester Zoo and read more about the Play! Zone here.


Days Out, Spend Money

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke about my excitement that I was finally getting to go to Insomnia Gaming Festival at the NEC in Birmingham. 

Having always been a bit of a gaming nerd, I was excited to attend for the first time and share my excitement with Helen. Having attended many events before, we opted to visit on the first day of Insomnia (the Friday) while some of the major stars such as Ali-A and DanTDM weren’t around for this day, neither was many of the other visitors making the queues smaller and the experience (at least in my opinion) better. 

The first thing that really hit me was the sheer size of the space i61 had. This wasn’t your standard one or two hall kind of job. They’d really gone all out here with dedicated retro zones, BYOC area, drone racing and market halls. 

This extra space made all the difference to the experience really making it seem spacious and less crowded. It allowed for more content to the event that we both REALLY enjoyed!

One of the stalls we we’re particularly taken by was in the retro area. Helen’s been after a gameboy for some time and this particular stall had every gameboy and gameboy game you could ever imagine (and then some!)

Helen and I battled it out on some of the amazing arcade games. Including Sega Rally & pinball. While the retro gaming zone (with Sega games, N64 etc) was completely free these arcade games were £1 per go, which to me personally was completely reasonable.

There were many brand dedicated areas. One of my favourites had to be Red Bull. Alongside this amazing car (if you can call it that) was a DJ booth, some gamers, and some fridges stocked with Red Bull in which you could simply help yourself.

If that wasn’t enough there were people throughout the day giving out complimentary full size cans of the good stuff!

After the retro stuff and a bit of a boost it was time to head back into the modern era with the Nintendo Switch. It’s a console Helen and I have debated purchasing for a while now, however we’ve never really had much of a hands on experience with the console. Luckily, Nintendo had us covered with the ability to play all the latest Nintendo Switch games including Pokken, Mario Kart 8 Duluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

After all that we hit up the Playstation area. I was excited to get a hands-on experience with the new Fifa 18 which has yet to be released to the general public (can’t wait!)

And if you wasn’t happy enough with the modern area and fancied the future with a little bit of thrill there were plenty of chances to check out various forms of VR gaming content. Including; rollercoasters, thrill gaming and this VR parachuting experience.

So, how did we find our first experience of Insomnia Gaming Festival? Honestly… It was awesome. Much better than we anticipated. There was so much to do and see it really did fill an entire day. Whether you’re a gaming nerd, like to play now and again, or simply supporting a loved ones hobby then there really is something for everyone to get involved with.

I’m already excited for the announcement of i62! In the meantime forget to check out our vlog of the day below.


Days Out

The most famous UK gaming festival is coming back to Birmingham, England this August. With a chance to try out the latest games in cutting-edge VR technology, watch live Q&A panels, meet and greet your favourite Youtuber’s it’s a day you won’t forget!

With all the hype around Insomnia (i61) I was eager to find out how it compared to similar events of it’s kind that you can visit across the UK this summer.

Insomnia is being hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. A venue Helen and I have visited multiple times previously both to trade at and visit as guests. The NEC is a fantastic location in central England and easily accessible by train, car or even plane!

What I love about Insomnia when compared to other similar events of it’s kind is the amount of interactivity and hands on experience available. There’s something for the old-school gamer, there’s something for the kids, and there’s something for that member of your family who knows absolutely NOTHING about gaming. 

It’s an experience you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, with the ability to experience different games, on different platforms. This isn’t a comic-con (which I only describe these days as a glorified market hall) it’s a chance to really spend the day with people who have the same interests as you!

Better yet, the cost of a trip to Insomnia is great value for money too! With an average trip to the cinema for most families of 4 coming in at £50. For an experience that only lasts three hours. At Insomnia you’re getting A FULL DAY of entertainment that you’ll never find elsewhere from just £25 each or £78.40 for a family of four

Being fantastic value for money, and having something for everyone. During our time back in the UK Helen and I are going to be visiting Insomnia gaming festival. We’re excited to experience the fun first hand and report back!

Have you been to one of the Insomnia events previously? What did you think? Is it something you think you might be interested in going to this year? Let me know in the comments down below.