How To Design A Free Business Card

I have a whole host of different business cards for different purposes;One for my Lego business. It contains the online website, contact details and social media contacts. It's great to give to customers at shows and include within our online orders.Another for the reselling that Helen and I do together. It contains a short list

How To Create A Freelance Portfolio

Offering up your services on one of the many dedicated freelancer websites is all well and good. However, with the ever amounting competition and ever increasing commission, going out on your own is something that I believe every freelancer should strive to achieve.However, going it alone requires a lot of work. Whether you’re a photographer, a Review | Is This The Freelancing Website For You? launched in January 2009. In just eight months it achieved one million users. Five years post-launch the website hit the 10,000,000 user milestone and just two and a half years later that number had doubled to 20,000,000 users! If all that's not enough to make you think twice about the more traditional freelancer network

Upwork Review | Is This Freelance Website Any Good?

Upwork is the baby of Elance and o-Desk since they merged in 2015. It currently has a whopping 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients. There's also approximately 3 million jobs posted annually worth a total of $1 billion. It's no surprise then that it's the largest freelancer network on the market.  Upwork

People Per Hour Review | Is This The Freelancing Website For You?

Today I'm conducting a People Per Hour review. People Per Hour was the very first 'freelance portal' I used both as a client and a freelancer. In a very short space of time I earned more than £2,000 for my services part-time whilst at University. As I set out on my journey of a self-employed entrepreneur

How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig

So, you've created a Fiverr profile. Created the perfect gig. Now you're looking to start ranking for relevant search terms in the Fiverr results. As the platform has grown 'making it' as a seller on Fiverr has become more difficult as the competition has increased. However, just because it's harder doesn't make it impossible. Which is

How To Create The Perfect Fiverr Gig

Today I'm going to be showing you how you can create the perfect Fiverr gig. Allowing you to increase your sales, earn more cash as a freelancer, and improve your freelance reputation. If you're just starting out on Fiverr or any freelance website for that fact you can be discouraged by the vast number of people

Fiverr Review | Is This The Freelancing Website For You?

Fiverr launched in February 2010, and catapulted itself to the top of the freelance food chain. In this Fiverr review I'm going to be highlighting both the benefits you have when selling your services on Fiverr, as well as the benefits you have when hiring a freelancer through Fiverr. Services offered on Fiverr are more commonly known