What To Do With The Stuff That Doesn’t Sell On eBay

We all have those items we pick up that we think could do well but end up being a total flop right? Well instead of throwing it away or donating it back to charity, here are a few ways you can still get back the cash from these items.   eBay Auction It may

A Guide To Finding & Keeping Tenants As A Landlord

With so many of us looking to become a landlord as a way to gain interest on our existing cash or boost our pension today I wanted to talk about one of the founding principles as a landlord. Tenants. Lets face it, without them we simply have an empty nest egg. A place that instead of

Beginner’s Guide To Online Trading

Just a few short decades ago, the world of share trading was considered to be only accessible to the chosen few. Then, trading went online. Suddenly, there was an open door to the world of stocks and shares. What had once been accessible only to a small number was now accessible to the public. This

How To Set Your Bricklink Store Terms

If you're looking to start selling Lego on the popular website Bricklink then you'll be asked to set up a store and set your Bricklink store terms. Setting store terms is something you're unlikely to do on any other online e-commerce platform similar to Bricklink so it can be difficult to know what to

The Ultimate List Of eBay Reseller Resources

Whether you're new to reselling or an aged old pro, whether your full-time or part-time it really doesn't matter. We all need certain resources to sell on eBay. Which is why I've spoken to the eBay reselling community, and together we've come up with the ultimate list of eBay reseller resources.I've broken this list down

How To Decide What Lego Sets To Part Out or Invest In?

With the ever growing market of Lego itself and resellers, there is no surprise that more and more of us are wanting to join the game.The key question is how do you decide which sets to part out and which to invest in? Depending on what you are wanting to sell and where and who to

How To Find A Local Charity Shop

Let me start by saying charity shops are AWESOME! They are a place to do some good when de-cluttering, and they are a place to grab a bargain when you're looking for a new book, to up-cycle some furniture or a new outfit. However, charity shops aren't always the easiest things to find. Especially if you're new