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Answered: Is Quidco Legit & A Safe Way To Get Cashback?

Have you seen the adverts on TV, on other blogs and questioned: “Is Quidco Legit?” I mean it seems to good to be true, right?

Quidco claims to be the number one cashback site in the UK. However, we're looking at whether it's a safe and legit way to get cashback on your purchases.

Spoiler: Quidco is completely safe to use, and a legitimate way to get money back on the purchases you'd be making otherwise.

I've been using it since 2014 (scroll down to see how much money I've made in that time).

It's got a 4.6 score on the independent review website Trustpilot and has won a number of awards including cashback site of the year in 2018.

You can get money back by clicking from Quidco through to over 4,500 retailers including Amazon (surprisingly that's one I didn't know about and spend a lot on so I'll be going through Quidco in the future)

Take A Look At How Much I've Made On Quidco

I've been on Quidco since 2014, and in that time I've earned over £1,500. In fact, I currently have a balance available to withdraw into my bank of almost £250.

How I've Earned More Than £1,500 On Quidco

Here's a look at some of the payments I've had from Quidco over five-plus years in which I've been a member.

As you can see I've made the most money in one transaction from Walt Disney World. We're going there next year and spent over £8,000 on a family trip (5 adults) for 10 nights.

It was a purchase we were going to be making regardless of the cashback opportunities. Thankfully, we'd already got a great deal thanks to free dining for the duration of the trip and a free gift card from Disney so the extra cashback was just another fantastic added bonus.

However, other smaller cashback amounts from the likes of Argos, Dominos Pizza and Trainline have soon added up to a significant amount of cash.

How Does Quidco Make Money?

If Quidco is legitimate, then you're probably wondering how it makes money in order to pass on a percentage of its earnings to people like you and me.

Well, it all comes down to affiliate marketing.

Quidco makes money as the referral for the purchaser. These percentages will vary depending on the retailer, the time of year, the amount spent and sometimes even the item purchased from that selected retailer.

Then they'll pass some of that referral money onto people like you and me.

For example;

Quidco will have a special arrangement with Booking for example which will state that will give Quidco 10% of all purchases.

So, if I go on and book a hotel for £100, Quidco will get 10% of that money = £10

Right now Quidco is offering 4% cashback.

So of the theoretical £10, Quidco gets from 10% of our £100 purchase, we'd get £4. Quidco will then keep £6.

That £6 Quidco keeps goes towards operating costs. An that's how Quidco makes money.

Therefore the more people using the Quidco site, and making purchases through the Quidco site the more money Quidco will make.

The same goes for the referrals. As is the case with affiliate marketing, the better you perform in steading potential buyers to a website, the better the rate of percentage you'll be offered.

In which Quidco will hopefully pass on a higher percentage to us, the buyers, to continue the circle of us buying more and using Quidco more for purchases.

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