Holiday Inn Express Sloterdijk Amsterdam Review

We recently came back from the most wonderful long weekend in Amsterdam. Where I had the pleasure of attending VidCon EU

This was our first time visiting Amsterdam, and with Helen wanting to be based in the centre, and myself at the convention centre it was essential to find a well connected hotel. Queue the Holiday Inn Express, Sloterdijk. 

  • 100%
    Location - 100%
  • 95%
    Room - 95%
  • 90%
    Facilities - 90%
  • 85%
    Value For Money - 85%


Located just outside Sloterdijk station for us personally this was the most perfect location EVER! A direct train from Sloterdijk to Amsterdam city centre had you there in a matter of minutes. There was also a direct train to the airport as well as the convention centre.

The room had everything we needed, with super wide windows that provided a view for miles. Although breakfast was a little crowded at times the staff we're attentive and make the best out of a bad situation.

The hotel certainly didn’t disappoint. I therefore found it only fair I gave you the lowdown to hopefully help you when finding the perfect hotel in Amsterdam.

Trip Details

Dates: 7th April 2017 – 10th April 2017
Price We Paid Per Night: €147.20 (on average over 3 nights)
Room Type:
Booking Platform:


Holiday Inn Express Sloterdijk Amsterdam is situated 10 metres from Sloterdijk. It’s around 5 minute train journey from central Amsterdam station, and trains are roughly every 10 minutes during peak times. 

We personally decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Sloterdijk Amsterdam due to it’s close proximity to everything we both had planned while in the city. It also benefited from being outside of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, which meant that noise pollution wasn’t ever a problem.

The Room

Our double room was on the top floor (7) which presented us with almost panoramic views across the landscape thanks to it’s super wide windows.

The room was clean, spacious, modern and fully functional. It had everything from a coffee machine right through to a hair dryer. With more amenities available at reception should you require.

The hotel is rated as a three star and having stayed in everything from zero stars to five stars. I can say it’s certainly one of the very best three star establishments I’ve stayed in. However, do you pay for that in the price? – we’ll cover that in the section below…


A night in the hotel comes with a complimentary continental breakfast. Two out of three mornings the breakfast was quiet and required zero queuing for food. Unfortunatly, it was the Monday where we actually decided to go back to our room and come back down nearer the end of the serving period. 

Whether or not that was due to a large tour that seemed to be staying in the hotel or whether it was simply due to us getting up later I do not know.

Aside from the one off blip the variety of food available meant that there was something to suit everyone; cereal, meats and cheeses, bread and donuts. Along with a selection of fruit, salad vegetables and juices. All of which was self-serve. 

While I am aware that many people aren’t going to find this the most overwhelming feature of a hotel, I simply have to mention it… The complimentary wifi was impeccable. The best wifi I’ve experienced in any hotel, worldwide. I could upload our Amsterdam vlog in a matter of minutes, instead a matter of hours – honestly, amazing!

In conclusion Holiday Inn Express Sloterdijk Amsterdam is about right on par when it comes to three star hotels within close proximity of the city centre.

As for whether I’d stay here again… Yes, and no. It’s certainly at the top end of our budget when it comes to any hotel room. However, when it comes to value for money it wasn’t half bad. Certainly if we were going to look at being at both the RAI convention centre as well as popping into the city centre on an evening then the time saved vs money seems like a win. 


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