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Earlier this year I decided to surprise Helen for her birthday with a four night getaway to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. This is the fifth time I’d been to Gran Canaria, and the second time Helen and I have been together. In fact it was our first ever holiday destination as a couple two and a half years earlier.

While the flights were super cheap the cost of accommodation in the area in which we like to visit (Playa Del Ingles) seemed to be higher than usual. All this forced me to think outside of the box and find the best possible deal I could. I do love a challenge.

In the end we ended up visiting The Anamar Suites. This was without a doubt the best place we have ever stayed while in Gran Canaria, and still well within budget – so it seemed only fitting to dedicate a complete review to the hotel. 

  • 92%
    Location - 92%
  • 85%
    Room - 85%
  • 87%
    Facilities - 87%
  • 90%
    Value For Money - 90%


The location of The Anamar Suites is just perfect for that summer holiday. Just a five minute stroll and you're at the beach. Across the road is a major supermarket, perfect if like us you opt for a self-catering apartment. The hotel has a fantastic swimming pool that's recently been refurbished, two Jacuzzis and plenty of sun-beds to go around - including luxury beds.

Trip Details

Dates: 22nd January 2017 – 26th January 2017
Price We Paid Per Night: £73.51
Room Type:
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The Anamar Suites had the most perfect location for us personally. This wasn’t a sightseeing holiday. Instead we just wanted to sit by the pool and relax. It was a five minute walk to the beach for that midday stroll.

A five minute walk in the other direction and you’ll arrive at The Yumbo Centre. Filled with bars, restaurants, clubs and that holiday essential… Mini Golf.

The airport’s a thirty minute drive, so you’re going to want to arrange a transfer, hire car or a taxi. 


The Room

To save money on food we opted to stay in one of the self-catering apartments. Our room was on the fourth floor and was a great size.

Despite booking a double the beds were two singles – I don’t mind pushing them together and it allows for greater flexibility on the hotels part. The room came with a really large balcony, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

You can view more of the room we had at The Anamar Suites from our Youtube videos during our time in Gran Canaria.



Wifi at this hotel was extra. It cost €16 for 4 days, and was just ‘okay’. I mean what more can you expect from a tiny island right? It was enough to reply to emails and check Facebook. Unfortunatly, it couldn’t upload videos to Youtube or anything like that.

The swimming pool had been recently refurbished. It’s a little on the small side but I never saw more than two people using it at any one time whilst we were there. Things might be different during the school holiday’s though…

On the other side of the accommodation there was also two Jacuzzi’s. There was also plenty of sun beds at either side. All of which were clean, modern and sturdy. Although we opted for some double style pool four poster beds. 

The hotel also offered complimentary towels. As many of us now only travel with hand luggage this can be a real bonus!

In conclusion, you’ll struggle to find much better value for money. Even writing this article almost six months post our stay and I’m struggling to find a four star hotel for the same price. That said, I wouldn’t want to pay any more than what we did. 

The Anamar Suites, Gran Canaria Review
It’s also worth baring in mind that depending on your personal requirements you can get two and three star apartments in the same area for around £160 – £220 (based on four nights). However the difference in quality between a two, three and four star resort especially in Spanish resorts can be huge.


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