10 Coins Hostel, Sofia Bulgaria Review

We’ve recently started our digital nomad adventure. We caught the cheapest flight from the UK we could and ended up in the Balkans. More specifically, Bulgaria’s capitol of Sofia

This was our first time in the Balkans, and the start of what is set to be a complete lifestyle change for us. Budget was more essential than anything else. Which is why we opted for the cheapest accommodation we could find, this was 10 Coins Hostel. 

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    Location - 80%
  • 72%
    Room - 72%
  • 67%
    Facilities - 67%
  • 89%
    Value For Money - 89%


It's really hard to say anything negative about a family run hostel that costs £6 each per person. However, I have to be honest. While the location is just outside of the city with fantastic transport links, the hostel itself leaves something to be desired. With other hostels available for as little as £1 more, I'm unsure as to how good this hostel really is compared to it's competitors.


Trip Details

Dates: 6th June 2017 – 10th June 2017
Price We Paid Per Night: £13.14 (in lev at the time of conversion)
Room Type:
2 Beds in a 6 Bed Mixed Dorm
Booking Platform: 


10 Coins Hostel is located a five minute walk from the metro station Han Kubrat. From there you can get to transport links such as the central station and bus station in less than 5 minutes and the centre of Sofia via Serdika II in 10 minutes. 

Each trip on the metro costs 1.60 lev no matter how far you’re going. So if you’re on a tight budget and think you might be heading into the city a lot it might be worth taking that into consideration and looking to see if you can get a hostel / hotel in walking distance from the city at a similar price. 

The hostel is based just outside of a small village, filled with a supermarket, some local restaurants and shops. Certainly a benefit of this is that eating out in the village compared to the city is much cheaper. 

The Room

We stayed in the six bed mixed dorm on the ground floor. The room was clean, but it was old and tired. The mattresses and bedding felt like it hadn’t been replaced in years. 

10 coins hostel sofia bulgaria

The room was functional. It had plug sockets, and a small table that was great for us to work at. My real bug about the hostel there was nowhere to lock away your belongings. All of the hostels I’ve previously stayed at had lockers (in one form or another) unfortunatly 10 coins had none.

At this point I think it comes down to what you want the hostel for. Somewhere to rest for one night? Then I really think this does the job. If you’re looking to explore the city over a few days, then maybe not… 


Each floor of the hostel had one bathroom and one kitchen. On the ground floor the majority of our space was taken up with the reception and the dorms for the volunteers who work to ensure the hostel check-in is available 24/7. This meant we had a much smaller kitchen. 

The kitchen did however have the basics; a microwave, fridge and one hot plate. Again all of these features were highly outdated. As a guest of the hostel you’re welcome to use any of the kitchen / bathroom facilities on the other floors but we didn’t see a need to do so.

The hostel also came with complimentary wifi. The internet speed in Bulgaria is fantastic and the hostel was no exception.

In conclusion 10 Coins Hostel, Sofia is a great place for a couple of nights. Certainly if you plan to spend the majority of your time out exploring the city. 

However, it has the potential to be a GREAT hostel. With a few small investments into new modern appliances and beds. 
For the time being I’m going to say that I wouldn’t stay here again. I’d like to see what other hostels in Sofia have to offer in comparison to really see how great this place is.


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