My girlfriend Helen and I have been back from our European adventures for a little over a month. In order to proceed with our digital nomad dreams we sold the vast majority of what we owned including our car, our house and even one of my businesses.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for most adults with children to find that we’ve ended up coming back to the UK during August. I never truly understood how crazy prices of a holiday in the school holidays really was until we tried to extend our time in Europe. So with longer than expected back in the UK we’ve relied on my parents to host us… This is the first time I’ve lived with my parents in three years, and even then it was a stop gap between finishing University and completing the renovations on my house.

I never expected to be back in this situation, and I have to admit a I have a small confession. I never expected to like it!

Now, don’t for a second think that’s because we’re not paying our way, washing, cooking, cleaning etc.

If anything we’re doing all that for ourselves and then some for my parents… However, I can’t even begin to explain the relief I’ve had from the escape of adulthood has been. I’m finally free from the worries about the boiler breaking or whether or not we should turn the heating on despite it being minus three outside and me shivering in bed. I never realised the anxiety I’d caused myself by going into both self-employment and owning a home at such a young age. 

I’m free to invest time into myself. Not just monetary by overhauling my out-of-date wardrobe and spending a little more cash to ensure I eat better but actual self-care and reflection. Now I’m not saying living with your parents aged 25 is a good thing… or a bad thing. I really think it’s down to the person and the situation. However, what I am sharing are my personal experiences, and inviting you to think twice before counting out a room at the inn of mum & dad. 

Regardless, this isn’t going to be lasting long. We set off on a trip to Orlando in just seven days time, and we’re only back in the UK for 4 days before leaving for TBEX in Ireland and then back to the US during the winter months.