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What’s It Like To Fly With European Budget Airline Wizz Air

When we started our digital nomad journey, it was all about math. With such a small daily budget, we needed to fly from an airport with great public transport links, with an super cheap airline, to a VERY affordable destination.

It took hours days of research, but ultimately we ended up flying from Doncaster to Sofia, Bulgaria with an airline I’d previously never heard of; Wizz Air. 

  • 85%
    Booking Process - 85%
  • 90%
    Check In - 90%
  • 72%
    Staff - 72%
  • 70%
    On Board Experience - 70%
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    Food - %
  • 95%
    Value For Money - 95%


Wizz Air is what you can expect from an airline so cheap. Budget and basic. However, for us personally, it fit the bill as being amazing value for money. Although, I'm well aware, it's probably not going to be for everyone...

With the one-way flight coming in at just £8 each I like most people was sceptical as to the service offering. 


The first thing we noticed about budget airline Wizz Air was the strange baggage restrictions. Unlike similar budget airlines a small suitcase wasn’t free and instead came at an additional cost. In fact the only complimentary baggage we were allowed as part of our ticket was a small bag up to the size of a 20l backpack.

Let the challenge commence…

As this is so different from similar European budget airlines it’s certainly something to look out for. An while I believe a 20l backpack is achievable (I mean there’s 2 months of stuff in each of those backpacks including; a drone, 2 cameras, 2 go pros, 2 Macbook pros, charges and clothes) it’s certainly not for everyone.

Discount Club

Thanks to such a discount, and a wide variety of flights across Europe we decided to sign up for Wizz Air’s discount club. 
Budget Airline Wizz Air
Having never previously flown with the airline it was safe to say this was a risk. However, based on the savings of the base rate of the flight alone should we fly with Wizz Air three times (one way) in the next 12 months we’d likely be in profit.

Considering I’m writing this after two one way flights with budget airline Wizz Air in the space of 6 weeks, I’d say we’re not doing too bad.

Here’s just a quick example as to the savings that can be achieved with the Wizz Air discount club;

While the Wizz Air loyalty club does make you loyal to the budget airline, I wouldn’t see that as a bad thing. Especially if you’re regularly taking a journey that is offered by Wizz Air. In fact in that instance, I could easily see you saving more than £100!

The discount club isn’t going to be for everyone, for me it’s more about maximising the discount over the twelve month period of the membership. So, if you’re just visiting Europe for a month it’s probably not going to be worthwhile.

Booking & Check-In

Like many European budget airlines, while the process of booking is simple. You do have a few hoops to jump through. No, I don’t want insurance. No, I don’t want priority boarding. No, I don’t…. Yes, you get the idea. 

As for check-in, on both occations I did it on the mobile application using my iPhone. The process couldn’t have been easier. An thanks to being a discount club member the application saves my details making the proccess even more straight forward.

We had zero problems using the boarding cards for two people on one phone at the airport or while boarding. An despite not booking seats together, and checking in rather late we managed to get seats next to each other on both occasions. 


The Flight

As I mentioned earlier in the post at the time of writing we’ve actually been on two flights with Wizz Air. The first, Doncaster, England to Sofia, Bulgaria and then an additional flight from Bucharest, Romania to Budapest, Hungary. 

This additional experience allows for a more comprehensive review.

Firstly. Punctuality, our first flight took off and landed on-time. However, our second departed over two hours late due to the weather in Budapest (this impacted the arrival time of the flight into Bucharest). This is unfortunatly out of the hands of the staff, however you could clearly see that they we’re doing all they could to ensure they made up for the delay. 

The entire flight is an economy flight, the interior is as can be expected. Clean, relatively comfortable, but very, very basic. Although one unusual feature I found was the height and structure of the tray. It was different to anything I’d previously experienced. It didn’t line up with my body what so ever, meaning I had to reach to type on my laptop. This isn’t necessary a bad thing, just a weird observation

Finally, the food. On this we unfortunatly can’t comment. No in-flight meals have been served on the flight and due to budget constraints we’ve not purchased anything from the trolly. As for the pricing, it’s what can be expected when compared to other European budget airlines. (£1 for a chocolate bar, £2 for a alcoholic drink)

As whether I would continue flying with budget airline Wizz Air. I assume you’ve gathered by now, the answer to that question is yes. I’d never want to fly with them on a flight longer than four hours, but for any duration less than that the value for money is fantastic. 

As always, I’d love to know what you think of budget airline Wizz Air? Have you flown with them before? Let me know in the comments below.