Twitaculous Review | How To Save Time Entering Twitter Competitions

In 2016, I won over £11,000 worth of competition prizes. I won a vast majority on social media networks. None more so than Twitter. However, I managed to find the key to saving time when finding and entering Twitter competitions in the form ofTwitaculous. Today I’m going to be giving you a Twitaculous review and explaining more about how this fantastic web application can help you enter more competitions, and save time whilst doing so…

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If you're looking to increase the number of competitions you enter, without increasing the amount of time you spend doing so then Twitaculous is the right service for you. With all the hard-work done for you, all you need to do is click to enter. The website allows me to enter 100 competitions in a matter of 5 minutes, no other service is able to offer anything similar.

The social media site Twitter is constantly full of competitions. From #FreebieFriday to #WinitWednesday and everything in between. There’s always an opportunity to enter and win a Twitter competition.

  Twitter competition winitwednesday example  

Finding Twitter Competitions

With hundreds of Twitter competitions running at any one time. Finding a competition on Twitter is often very simple. You can use the search bar on the Twitter platform, or just follow me and RT competitions I’ve recently entered.


However, if you’re looking to enter multiple competitions on Twitter, then as expected it can become rather time-consuming. Especially on hashtag days (#winitwednesday & #freebiefriday) where hundreds, sometimes even thousands of competitions are hosted by brands such as Huggies, Pappa Johns and Asda are available to enter.


Twitaculous Review

I never want to miss out on entering a competition for a prize that I want to win. However, at the same time, I can’t afford to sit there all day going through and manually finding and entering competitions.


Late last year I managed to find a website that takes the hassle out of finding and entering Twitter competitions. 

Twitaculous is a third-party application to Twitter that allows you to enter a Twitter competition with the click of a button. The website list’s the competition, prize, entry method, and closing date and finds hundreds of competitions a week so you don’t have to.


I know many will say it takes the fun out of entering competitions, but there is absolutely no other way I’d be able to take part in the fun that is ‘comping’ otherwise.


Value For Money

Unfortunately, this application isn’t a free service. Instead, you pay for the service as a subscription.


One week = £1.25

One month = £4.00

One year = £40.00


I’m sure you’ll agree that the rates are rather reasonable. Back in January, I opted for the yearly membership and since then I’ve won over 30 Twitter competitions.


These wins have included meals out, Blu-rays, take away pizza’s, books, gift cards. These wins have far surpassed the amount I’ve spent on the service in just six months.


If that’s not enough to convince you then think of the math. The service adds approximately 700 competitions a week. That’s over 36,000 Twitter competitions per year. At £40.00 for the year that works comes to £0.001 per competition entry. Not bad right!


I do hope you enjoyed this complete Twitaculous review. If you think you’ve got Twitter competitions sorted then maybe it’s time to tackle Facebook. Check out my full post of hints and tips on how to improve your chances of winning Facebook competitions here…