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While we have been travelling around on our digital nomad adventure, we came across a few things. These things you often don’t realise you use so much until you no longer have it. Such thing as an oven, we found ourselves struggling to find ideas for meals without cheating by buying a frozen pizza and sticking it in the oven.

The one thing was apparent on our travels, most accommodation we came across only had a hob. Here are meals to make on a stove top.

1. Fajitas

Fajitas are great to make, especially if you are sick of pasta, these are a great alternative. Ingredients are common and can be found pretty much everywhere, chicken is the most expensive part of the meal but easily found.

The trickiest part of this meal is the spices, if you can’t get your hands on a fajita mix, simply buy a couple of cheap spices and throw them together. Include paprika, cumin, chilli and cayenne, if not all of them pick a couple and go from there.

2. Tuna Pesto Pasta

You will most likely be able to find some form of dry or fresh pasta within a supermarket, it is an easy hob meal and doesn’t take too long either. Mix up the pasta with a tin of tuna and pesto, top with a little cheese and there you have it. 

3. Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

This is a little different, something a little more formal for a meal but a good one to have. The most expensive ingredient again will be the chicken, you can serve this up with a salad, rice or pasta if you like. Click here for the full recipe and method.

4. Stir Fry

More than likely you will be able to find some kind of sauce for a stir fry within the supermarkets. You can use fresh or dried egg noodles for cooking, dried noodles can be better especially if you’re on the move. This is a great one pan dish, through everything in and it is done. 

5. Enchiladas

This one might confuse you as many people traditionally make up the enchiladas, lay them in an oven proof dish top with tomatoes and cheese to grill. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save on the washing up, be even more efficient and eat out of the pan!

6. Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Meatballs and pasta is a classic and can be done so many ways, different meats and different styles of sauces so feel free to change it up according to what you have available. The meat will be the most expensive ingredient but counteract the price by buying the cheapest passata sauce and flavour to your taste.

7. Breaded Chicken Bites

Who doesn’t love breaded chicken bites right? This meal is a great option especially if you have smaller ones to feed, this can be fun for everyone to make and eat. The chicken can be lightly fried in a frying pan and teamed up with some peas and small boiled potatoes. You can also do the same method to make fish fingers.

8. Roasted Veg Bruschetta

You can make an ordinary bruschetta with a nice crunchy bread, mozzarella or feta with lettuce and tomatoes, or make a warm roasted veg bruschetta.

Simple peel your veggies into thin strips, use a peeler if you have one available, fry in a pan with a little oil until soft. Use the same pan to toast your bread and pile on the plate adding feta or mozzarella to top it off. These are all ingredients you can find in most supermarkets and for cheap prices.

9. Omelette

Fed up of toast or cereal for breakfast? Get some eggs together with some cheese and onion and make an omelette. This is a simple and easy dish to make and the ingredients are cheap to find in supermarkets. Change it up for different flavours for dinner the next day to keep it fresh.

So there you have it, meals you can cook on the hob, have you got a favourite hob dish you love making? Let me know in the comments below. 


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On our last stop on our digital nomad adventure, or at least for now, we visited the wonderful city of Hamburg. We had already got our flight from Hamburg back to Manchester for a great price, so why not visit and explore the city?

We were invited to stay at the Hotel/Hostel Superbude, check out my review here if you are planning a trip to Hamburg.

Flamm Hus

Flamm Hus was suggested to us by Come To Hamburg to try out. It is a french food restaurant located in a food market a short walk away from the Chocoversum Museum. The market hall had a few other places to eat from noodles to pizza and more. 

We had a traditional Flamm Hus with a cream cheese base, spring onions and chorizo topping. It was quick and delicious, sadly we were so hungry and ate it so fast we forgot to take a picture. We got one to share with 2 drinks for €10.90, it was a great alternative to pizza or sandwich if you like us are a little fed up of bread. 

Mam Eat Greek

This place was located in a hive of activity with independent shops and restaurants, great for us as it was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. There were many other restaurants around, we had everything from Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian but not Greek on our travels. 

The place was clean tidy and the food looked delicious. We both chose to have a chicken gyros, a pita like bread filled with chips, sauces, salad and chicken and my favourite tzatziki along with a drink each. This came to a total of €13.40 which we thought was great value for money.

Though there was a little confusion with meals, when we got our food it was beautiful, well presented and full of flavour.  I would definitely eat here again due to the great quality of the food and the value of the meal. 

Better Burger Company

We ate here for dinner one evening and it was gorgeous, everything was made fresh and you could pick the toppings for your burger which is always a bonus for me as I like a lot on my burger. The company pride themselves on making the best burger with their secret ingredient being you. You choose the final flavours and sauces to the burger to make it one of a kind. 

We got 2 100g burgers with cheese and bacon and 2 drinks for €18.90, while the prices were higher than we would have liked, the food was great quality so was definitely worth the price.

While ordering you pick what burger you want and then when it is read you go and pick your 3 toppings and sauce, I liked this idea so you can actually decide what you want with your burger, simple and easy and makes happy customers. The atmosphere was cool, nice seating outside for the sunny days and plenty of seating indoors. 

If you have been to Hamburg and found a great place to eat let me know in the comments and tell me why you liked it.


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When my brother came to town, he came with mum and dad’s bank card (mum, dad I love you. You’re the best!) and it meant we could treat ourselves to something us ‘young kids’ (can I still call ourselves that?) love. A trip to the local Hard Rock Cafe.

Helen and I have visited Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world. However, due to the nature of our budget during our European travels we’d been unable to visit one so far… It seemed however, that we saved ourselves for the best. By visiting the largest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe. Hard Rock Cafe, Prague. 

The Hard Rock Cafe in Prague is the largest in Europe set over four floors and decorated through-out. We opted for a rather early dinner (5.30pm) and so managed to walk straight in and be shown straight to a table on the second floor.

We we’re asked where we wanted to sit, and opted for a booth next to a guitar from a band I’d unfortunatly never heard of. Before the front of house staff member left us he asked us about some of our favourite artists in the hope of pointing us in the right direction to some of their memorabilia. This was a first in any Hard Rock I’d been to and made for a fantastic, and personal touch.

We’ve eaten at Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world. Therefore I thought I knew what I wanted. That was until my brother reminded me of the delightful food he ordered in Orlando that left me mouthwateringly jealous. 

So… I ordered something different from my usual alongside a standard refillable diet coke. Refillable soft drinks are a staple at any Hard Rock and are often the reason behind me not trying one of their signature cocktails instead.

It wasn’t long until the food arrived. Niall and I had gone for the Chicken flatbread with slices of avocado (yum!) and decided to share some specially seasoned fries (garlic and herb)

Helen on the other hand went for her traditional Hard Rock meal. The bacon cheeseburger. This meal comes with a side of fries and is AMAZING!

Even someone with a glutton appetite will struggle to make it onto desert after this…

The entire meal for the three of us came to a reasonable 1280 CZK (equivalent to £44 at the time of dining). On top of this we left a generous tip as the waiter was particularly prompt in service and a pleasure to speak to.

After dinner, we did what we do when visiting the vast majority of Hard Rock cafe’s around the world. We began browsing the staggering amount of musical memorabilia. Here’s some of my highlights;

So, if you’re in Prague and you’re after a very filling meal at a rather reasonable price. Then I suggest you look no further than Europe’s largest Hard Rock Cafe. 

As always, if you’ve dined here I’d love to know about your experience? Was it good? bad? indifferent? What’s you’re favourite meal to order from your Hard Rock Cafe of choice?

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I’m proud to be a Leeds Blogger. I’ve lived just ten minutes from Leeds city centre all my life. An exploring the culinary delights for the city for as long as I can remember. A fantastic hub of history, entertainment and activity.

My experience probably makes this post wayyyy overdue but still… Here is my eight awesome places to lunch in Leeds.


We recently took a class at Barburrito in Leeds, learning how to make a burrito (it’s harder than you might think) and it was AMAZING!

The manager and staff were really helpful and nice, they made sure you were getting the best deal and the most for your money without it coming off as up-selling. The food is high quality and tastes great, there is no end to combinations of the meat to the sauces and everything in between. They have a student discount and have meal deals available making it the perfect place to lunch on a budget.

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian isn’t exclusive to Leeds. However, there’s one here and it’s great!

Located is within the banking quarter it’s well within walking distance from the main high street and shops. It’s a great place to visit for a high-end meal that doesn’t cost the earth. They have an exclusive lunch menu, which really makes eating here at lunch time much more affordable than on an evening.

Bossa Grill

Unlimited meat sounds like a dream for most carnivores. However, this dream has been made into a reality with Bossa Grill. We we’re invited to the grand opening of Bossa Grill having never previously heard of the concept.

The concept is fantastic, and the restaurant is funky, colourful while also relaxing. You simply use a model cow to indicate whether you want more food or your ready for a break. How cool is that?!?!

The lunch time menu is slightly cheaper than the evening but either way, you get what you pay for, the quality of the meat is fantastic and the sides bar is fun to choose from. 


There’s two Prezzo’s in Leeds. One outside of the city centre at the White Rose Shopping Centre and another in The Light by the Headrow.

Thanks to their fantastic locations across the UK we’ve eaten at Prezzo a number of times and always enjoyed it. We really enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant and the service is always on point. The food is always magnificent and beautifully made. What makes this even better is that you’ll often found pretty awesome discounts on the mobile application Vouchercloud

Yo Sushi

We love Yo Sushi so whenever we can we will go and eat here, this is one of our favourite places to lunch when in Leeds. Located on the top floor of Trinity Leeds, here you’ll find fast food but good food – making it the perfect place to dine if you’re short on time!

If you’ve never had sushi before, or have previously had it but didn’t like it I suggest coming here and giving it a second chance. There’s loads of fish alternatives making it suitable for all tastebuds!

They have a pretty awesome 25% discount for students (excluding Monday’s & Saturday’s) and every Monday enjoy 45  dishes for just £2.80 each. 


Primo’s is an all time favourite, it is a great alternative to a burger and it isn’t just any old hot dog. These are great if you are wanting something quick but not resulting in McDonald’s or Burger King.

The establishment is found in the historic Corn Exchange not far from the Market. It specialises in real taste of USA gourmet hot dogs and they will not disappoint. 

Las Iguanas 

This is mainly a Brazilian, Mexican and South American food, with a fantastic and lively atmosphere it is a great place to eat.

They offer a variety of dishes from across the board and a great tapas menu for those who like a little of everything. The decor is fun and inviting, and the staff are friendly and highly knowledgable. 

Five Guys

We have eaten at many different locations of Five Guys, each one we have loved and never had an issue.

Five guys are probably the most divine burger I have ever had, and yes if your a foodie or a connoisseur then this may not be something you agree with but it has been voted the best burger chain for a reason.

Even though they are a chain, I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to get a burger. The staff clearly like working there and you can see it, the service is great and the drinks machines are amazing.

As always I’d love to know you’re favourite places to lunch in Leeds. Let me know in the comments where you suggest we try in the future. In the meantime be sure to check out some of our suggestions and let us know what you think.


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Early July 2017 we decided to take a short trip to the capitol of Austria, Vienna. In a short amount of time we managed to find some fantastic places to drink, eat and work and so it seemed rather fitting we put together a list of our favourite places to drink, eat & work in Vienna, Austria.

Swing Kitchen

We arrived into Vienna around dinner time, and headed straight to find somewhere for food. A short walk from our hotel we found Swing Kitchen. The restaurant is vegan but don’t let that stop you. If that doesn’t give you a good indication that this place is a thumbs up then maybe the menu would. We ordered a meal to share as we didn’t want anything too heavy and it was beautiful. The food was reasonably priced and the atmosphere was awesome. The staff were very helpful and friendly. I would definitely go back again.

Swing Kitchen is an awesome place to eat in Vienna, Austria


Cocoquadrant is a cafe with a co-working space to one side. It had a great atmosphere and was light decor. We opted for some soft drinks they were super cool! (all be it Vienna prices!)

If you’re looking to work in Vienna for just a day then there is free wifi available in the cafe although it is a little slow. If you’re in Vienna a little longer then the co-working area connects to a different wi-fi network so it could be better (but I didn’t get a chance to find out)

Blue Orange – Besser Essen

We found Besser Essen (or Blue Orange as it’s known in English) on our final day in Vienna an we’re so disappointed we didn’t find it sooner. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy a coffee and get some work done or just simply have some lunch.

On a corner of a street out of the main hustle and bustle of the centre but still in a hive of activity. Blue Orange has plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. We sat and ate, drank and worked here for the best part of three hours and it was marvelous. 

As always to make it as easy as possible for you to find any of these locations I’ve put this map together below;

If you like this post then be sure to check out my other posts from our time in Vienna.


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Dublin was somewhere we had always wanted to go and why not? Who could resist the charming accent and bubbling excitement of the city? Having found a bargain ticket for £2 each on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin I needed no more convincing – we were off!

During our time in Dublin, we did what we could to stay in budget all while exploring the culinary delights of the city. Here’s 4 Places To Eat In Dublin, Ireland;

Hard Rock Cafe

As with any new city, we always hunt out a Hard Rock Cafe – Dublin was no exception. We visited on and evening and was seated in a table of four very quickly. The staff were friendly and the food was fantastic, however as many before me have said the pricing was harsh. Unfortunately, I think this goes with the rest of Dublin.

2 cokes and 1 main meal for 2 people cost €41 despite having a military discount and the service charge was a rather low blow too. Luckily re-fillable drinks and a very, very good, large meal more than made up for it. The music and atmosphere as expected from Hard Rock was great and couldn’t be faulted. 

Fresh – The Good Food Market

We stayed across the road in the generator hostel and visited this place a number of times during our stay. It has an amazing range of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We often had a €0.90 pastry to go on a morning and would stop in for a €5.90 noodle box on our way back to the hostel after a long day exploring.

The food was fantastic, the range was brilliant, unfortunately, all that contributed to the price. Dublin is expensive anyway, but I’d say this was 10% – 20% more than other similar establishments you’d find in the city centre. This was somewhat perfect for us as it was right opposite our hostel and was very convenient.


Having just arrived in Dublin we passed this place on the way to our hostel. The student deal for €6.95 grabbed our attention and did not disappoint. The biggest burrito I’ve ever had packed full of flavour and full of food alongside a can of coke. The staff were awesome and the prices even more awesome.


I had an absolutely wonderful breakfast burrito with a free coffee here on our final morning in Dublin. A little pricy at €6 but it was super filling and absolutely fabulous. 

The staff were super friendly, and the seating within the EPIC building was fantastic. Just downstairs you can find EPIC – Irish Emigration Museum. Which is well worth a visit if you get the chance.

I’ve put together a small map outlining the location of the different places mentioned in this post. As always if you’ve somewhere to add to this list feel free to contact me via email or on any social media platform.


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This is fast becoming one of my favourite segments of the blog – I don’t know why I’m surprised after all, FOOD!

If you don’t know by now, I’m doing my best to document the favourite places we’ve found to eat, drink and work while on our Digital Nomad journey. Today it’s the turn of Bucharest, Romania.

National Military Circle

Our first destination is all about the eat, and it’s perhaps the weirdest place I’ve ever eaten. I’m talking about the restaurant at the National Military Circle. We’d heard about the grand interior of this place, and the fabulous lunch menu from someone staying in our hostel dorm and it was just too intriguing to resist.

For just 19leu you’re able to get two courses from a set menu (of three different choices), complete with sides.That’s the current equivalent of £3.65.


With a music influence this pub is the perfect place to have a pint or dig into a delightful home cooked meal. The food isn’t the best you’ll taste in your life but in the terms of an experience, this place has it all. 

Two main meals and two drinks came to the equivalent of just £8.07.




Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria Jeans is a fantastic place for eating, drinking or working. This coffee shop has a fantastic amount of seating both inside and outside and some great free wi-fi. 

The sandwiches looked delightful. However, we only stopped in for a 650ml mango cooler that cost 17 Leu – and was beautiful! 

Nexus Gaming Pub

This place is a hidden gem. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bucharest with the fastest Wifi I’ve experienced in my life!

Nexus gaming pub has plenty of seating. However, the loud music and lighting isn’t going to make it suitable for everyone to work in. 

However, once the work is over Nexus Gaming Pub is perhaps THE GREATEST place to hang out in Bucharest. With access to gaming computers, a PS4 (alongside some of the latest titles) and a load of board games.

We spent around one and a half hours in this place, we had 2 bottles of waters and 1 bottle of Fanta. All this came to just 12 leu (£2.29 at current exchange)

As always I’ve put together a map outlining the location of each of the destinations I’ve spoken about in this article. If you’d like to contribute places you ate at, worked in or drank at feel free to leave a comment.


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The second largest city in Bulgaria, Varna is a great place to visit. We spent a little less than 48 hours in this magical destination. However, in that time we managed to find the very best places to drink, eat and work.

Fast Food Kitchen

This place is exactly as you’d expect from the name. A little like a school or work cafeteria, but quick, clean, spacious and modern none the less.

The food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had in my life but with a great location and good variety it was the perfect place to grab a traditional Bulgarian lunch. We managed to get 2 mains, a side salad and a 500ml bottled drink for the Bulgarian LV equivalent of £4.50.

Take Me

Take Me is a fantastic place to grab a drink of freshly pressed fruit juice or coffee and watch the world go by. Situated on the high-street the menu is in Bulgarian, but the staff have great English. A 400ml juice set us back 3.40lv.


Le Chef

Without a doubt my favourite place to eat in Varna had to be Le Chef. So much so in fact that we ate there for dinner both evenings we were in Varna. This fast-food establishment is very popular with the local younger generation. Serving freshly made wraps and quesadillas.

There’s some unlocked Wifi near by which made it the perfect place to check our emails on our phone and book a hostel for our next destination. The prices are super reasonable too. In fact 2 wraps, 2 drinks and a side of fries set us back just 10lv.


This place had a more traditional ‘tourist’ kind of feel to it. Benefitting from a very large seating area, and great wifi it makes for the perfect place to work from over lunch.

We opted for a late breakfast, early lunch here in the form of two slices of toast with cheese & egg / cheese & ham. This alongside a can of Coke Zero came in at 10lv. A little more than most, but I’ve a feeling you pay for the restaurant style service.

So Good, So Fresh

So Good, So Fresh is another perfect destination for ‘world watching’. Home of some amazing smoothies, juices and salads this place is not to be missed.With a mix of locals and tourists So Good, So Fresh is home to amazing atmosphere.

However, it comes at a price… one salad, one 400ml juice and one 500ml juice came in at 11.70lv. So, it’s no wonder this place accepts card payments.