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Skrill was founded in London, England in 2001. It’s one of the most popular and well known online money wallet (e-wallet) websites and allows for payments and transfers to be made through the internet with a focus on low-cost international transfers.

I’ve previously covered the benefits of using Skrill as a matched bettor. However, this is going to be a much broader review of the platform as a whole. 

Opening A Skrill Account

Opening a Skrill account is quick, simple and straight forward. There are five steps to opening an account and the results of your account application are instant. Enabling you to start paying with your Skrill account straight away.

Skrill Review

Skill Dashboard

The my account section of Skrill, or as I like to call it the dashboard. Is clean, it has just enough filters to make finding transactions simple and straight forward without being overwhelming. 

Who Accepts Skrill?

If you apply to get the Skrill MasterCard (free of charge) then you can use your Skrill balance anywhere that accepts MasterCard. 

I’ve also got a complete list of online bookmakers who accept Skrill.

Customer Service

I have a secret obsession with calling customer service lines and testing how quickly I can get through to a REAL person.

Let’s face it. When a problem strikes, we want it resolving quickly and emails often don’t get an instant response. 

It took me 1 minute 46 seconds to make my way through to a real person from Skrill’s customer service. Unfortunatly, the representative’s first language wasn’t english and she struggled to understand what I was saying… (damn Yorkshire accent)

Skrill does make up for the poor English by having customer service representatives available to speak 12 other languages (unfortunatly in my case however, I only speak the one)


Depending on your Skrill status the Skrill PrePaid Mastercard withdrawal fees at ATMs will change as follows:

non-VIP: from 1.80 EUR to 1.75% of the amount to withdraw.

Bronze VIP: from 1.80 EUR to 1.75%.

Silver VIP: free.

Gold VIP: free.

Diamond VIP: free.


There are 4 different Skrill VIP levels. The more you transfer from Skrill to merchants, the higher your VIP status will be. Your VIP status is calculated on a rolling period of the last 3 months and is adjusted every day automatically once you reach (or fall below) the requirements outlined below.


When it comes to our money we all worry, and rightly so. However, Skrill is FCA regulated. Which is the same as your high-street bank. So you can be assured that your money is safe. There’s also 2-factor authentication available should you require it.

In conclusion, I think it really depends on what you want to use Skrill for. It’s not going to replace the high-street banks, then again I feel that it has an entirely different purpose. As always I’d love to know what you think. Would you like me to review other e-wallets and the ways in which we can use them? Let me know in the comments below.


Matched Betting
Understanding how Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) works can provide you hundreds of extra pounds in profit from Matched Betting every single month. 

If you’re just getting started with matched betting, then be sure to check out my article on how I made £20,000 in 2016.

In fact, after reading this article you may in fact find that you’ve hit a BOG, made some extra cash and never even realised. So, with all that excitement looming, let’s get started…

What Are Best Odds Guaranteed?

Bookies offering Best Odds Guarantee ensure that regardless of the odds you back a horse at, you’ll get the SP (starting price) should it win.

So, let’s assume you place a £10 bet on the horse Jolly at 4.0. Should the horse win you’re going to receive £40. However, once the race starts the odds have drifted. In fact the odds of Jolly winning are now at 8.0

Of course, in typical fashion Jolly goes ahead and wins. While we should all be happy receiving £40, your not because you could have won £80 had you only waited to bet right?

Well under BOG £80 is exactly what you’d get. Because, the horse as won you’ll get the SP regardless of the price in which you backed at earlier.

Best Odds Guaranteed & Matched Betting

So let’s assume you’re trying to hit a second place refund on the horse racing. A typical matched betting offer. You placed the £10 bet on Jolly at 4.0 and laid the bet at 4.2 generating a loss of £0.62.

However, the horse doesn’t come 2nd, instead it comes first. The SP wasn’t 4.0 and it was in fact 8.0. In which case you’d end up with 8.0 x £10 = £80. However you’ll also need to deduct the £40 win you covered (from the odds being 4.0) and the loss of £0.62 you was going to receive from placing the bet. 

Giving you a total profit of £39.38.

The screenshot is a real example from my own SkyBet account. It demonstrates how the BOG has been applied, even on my free bet. Changing the odds from 6/1 to 9/1. 

Who Offers Best Odds Guaranteed?

This list is correct at the time of publishing. Each bookmaker has different terms and conditions when it comes to BOG so be sure to check before betting.

William Hill

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on Best Odds Guaranteed. Have you won a Best Odds Guaranteed and not realised? What’s been your biggest Best Odds Guaranteed success? Let me know in the comments below.


Matched Betting
Jolly Lock Internet Protocol Virtual Desktop is an innovative piece of software that aims to help block IE Snare (a spying ‘cookie’ left on your browser by the bookies to see exactly what other websites you’re visiting).

The gubbing of betting accounts is becoming more and more common in the forums as the popularity of matched betting continues to grow. With the estimated costs to the bookies from matched bettors alone coming in at 20 million pounds it’s no wonder they are taking things so seriously.

With all that in mind. I decided to put Jolly Lock to the test in this Jolly Lock Review.


Why Do Accounts Get Closed?

Before we start really looking at the benefits of Jolly Lock, we need to look at the problem the software is trying to help solve. Our betting accounts getting closed, but why does this happen?


The reason is simple. The bookies HATE to loose. I’m not just talking about matched bettors, but professional punters in general have been completely banned and removed from online accounts. If you go back to the 90’s and the days before online betting, it was easy to stay under the radar as a prolific gambler.


In fact, the only way to draw attention to yourself was by repeatedly being seen to ‘win big’ by the same betting store manager. That could be easily avoided by varying the times in which you placed a bet and visiting different shops across town.


With the birth of internet gambling everything changed. Gambling accounts became accessible to everyone and anyone and could be closely monitored very easily.


Combine all this accessibility with ‘bonus abuse’. Bonus abuse is another name for matched betting. Simply ‘hunting down’ free bets and other bonuses for the purpose of taking value from the bookmakers.


While an IE Snare block such as Jolly Lock isn’t going to 100% solve the problem, it’s going to certainly solve half of it. The other half is up to you in the form of your betting profile which I cover in the video below…

What Is IESnare? – How Do Bookies Monitor Our Accounts?

Every bookmakers has what’s known as a risk management team. They aim to track betting patterns of potential matched bettors and pre-emptively ban accounts who they suspect of belong to a matched bettor – before you’ve even placed a bet!


I’ve especially seen with the smaller bookies, people claiming that they have been ‘gubbed’ before placing the first qualifying bet. Confused? They ask… well how did they know? Smaller bookies doesn’t have a ‘large pot’ and with matched betting collectively costing bookies 20 million pounds a month. This is all money that small bookies simply can not loose. So, they’d rather use the information they have from IESnare and block you before you’ve placed a bet than risk you fleecing them and never coming back (or if you do only coming back for another bonus)


So, what is this IESnare you might be asking? Well it’s spyware used by the bookies. This particular piece of spyware can do any of the following;


Monitor the web pages you visit in real time.

View your internet history

View your devices installation data

Harvest information from your data registry.

Store your data on a databased to build a profile of your browsing habits and online activity.


Suddenly all that gubbing makes sense, right?


This advanced technology allows bookmakers to see if you have an exchange open in the other window? or whether you’ve opened an exchange in the past hour, day, month… It can track if you’ve been on matched betting websites such as Profit Accumulator or done absolutely anything else that would lead them to believe that you are not just a regular punter.


How You Can Block IESnare

The more internet proficient of you reading this article may be able to manually block IEsnare by editing the hosts on your device. Some examples of ways in which you could do this include;


Using a VPN or using a dongle to change your IP address

Using browser extensions and CCleaner to remove / block local shared objects as well as other tracking cookies


However, the risks of doing so are high and you may find that you’re unable to access certain bookmakers, have a lag or have your account closed as your deemed to be using a VPN.


What Is Jolly Lock?

Jolly Lock is an innovative piece of software that goes someway to helping you cover your online identity in such a way that the bookies can not monitor you.


For those of you who are super confused by all these technical terms. All you need to know is that Jolly Lock is a specialist but super simple piece of software that replaces your internet ‘identity’ with another.


Now you maybe thinking, well how do I know that my IP isn’t just being replaced by someone else who’s already been banned. Well, Jolly Lock pre-approves every single IP they give you.


To go one further every IP is based in the UK. Not only does this remove any suspicion from your IP address it also means if you’re not in the UK you’ll be able to take part in matched betting.


However, that’s not all. Jolly Lock is compatible with flash. Which means you’ll be able to take part in casino and other game offers that require flash without compromising your profiles security.



How Does Jolly Lock Work?

Once you’re signed up for Jolly Lock you’ll be able to download their software onto your computer. You’ll also be given an instruction sheet (although the staff are on hand to help you should you require) this talks you through everything you need to know, and how you continue using Jolly Lock on your computer.


It’s as simple as logging into the JollyLock software before starting your matched betting day. You’ll be using my personal favourite browser inside the network, Google Chrome to place all your bets. Zero lag, zero problems.



How Much Does Jolly Lock Cost?

Jolly Lock is purchased as a monthly subscription. It costs £25 a month (£15 for your first month) however there is a bulk buy discount of 3 IP’s for £69 or 5 for £105 a month.


So get together with your mates and save yourself some cash.


Originally when I heard the pricing I was a little put off… It costs more than Profit Accumulator for half the work. That said, if it saves you from just one gubbed account per month then it’s surely worth five times it’s cost. Especially for those who are in Matched Betting for the long haul…



Being a bit of a tech geek I decided to take Jolly Lock for a whirl. I set up my desktop and over a two-week period places multiple different matched bets over multiple different accounts. I even went as far as opening up an account on three bookmakers with my mum, brother, dad and girlfriend. To see if this could help prevent multi-accounting.


To-date, we have all had zero problems!


As this Jolly Lock review might have already demonstrated. Jolly Lock isn’t going to be for everyone. If you’re looking at matched betting short term, then I’d probably take the hit and have a couple of accounts closed… However, if you’re looking at opening multiple accounts or looking for healthy accounts then using Jolly Lock alongside your traditional mug betting and other gubbing prevention techniques is going to go along way to keeping you matched betting for years to come.


Matched Betting
I’m back with another betting exchange review. Today we’re covering Betdaq. The betting exchanged was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2000. But is it a match for the other exchanges?

I’m on a mission to share as much information on the subject of matched betting as I possibly can. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to earn £20,000 in tax free cash this year…

While I’ve recently completed a detailed and in depth matched betting FAQ post. One question I struggle to answer is “Which betting exchange should I use?”

That’s because unfortunatly the answer is highly dependent on a vast array of variables. The only way I can combat such a question is by reviewing each of the five betting exchanges currently on the market.

For me the prospect of a truly great betting exchange comes down to three things, and it’s those three things that I’ll be covering in every betting exchange review.

Wagering Options

The Betdaq exchange covers the vast majority of mainstream events. The selection of obscure markets isn’t quite as complex as you’d find on Betfair. In fact at the time of writing it only included one market which was Eurovision. 

betdaq review
However, that’s not too much of an issue. What is rather impressive is that Betdaq doe include a market for some of my personal popular bets including ‘first goal scorer’ which can only otherwise be found on the Betfair exchange.

Market Liquidity

The second big thing I really care about in a betting exchange is the market liquidity. That’s the amount of money in the market, to ensure that you’re bet doesn’t become partially matched.

I’ve been in situations in the past where it’s been seconds until kick off or until a race starts. Leaving my bet partially matched because I’ve failed to check how much money is in the market. 

Again you’ll find that for most mainstream events, Betdaq has enough liquidity in the market to have you covered. Although that will start dwindling when you’re looking at more obscure results and higher odds.

There’s enough money in the market to lay a £25 bet for the top 5 horses in this race. Which to me, is pretty much all you’re ever going to need.

You can always check the amount of money in the market using the numbers provided.  Remember, you don’t need to mug bet the exchanges, they wont gub you. 


Betdaq’s normal commission rate starts at 5%. However, this can be cut to as little as 2% depending on the volume of bets you have matched. Click here to learn more.

Even if you’re not convinced after this Betdaq review that it’s the best long term betting exchange for you it’s still worth signing up. That’s because the exchange offers 0% commission for your first month as well as a spend £10 get £30 in their Casino (30 rollover) for all new customers. Click on the image below to sign up and receive the offer.


Matched Betting
I’ve written many posts and shared many videos on Matched Betting, however there are some smaller questions on the topic I’ve yet to cover. These questions don’t require an individual post on their own. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to create this Matched Betting directory / Matched Betting FAQ.

As the Matched Betting industry continues to grow I’ll be adding and updating this post to ensure it’s kept as up to date as possible. An so, as always, if you have any questions in regards to Matched Betting then be sure to leave me a comment in the comments section below.

What Is Matched Betting

So, let’s start with the basics. What is Matched Betting? How does it all work? For this I turn to one of my very first Youtube videos.

Can Anyone Start Matched Betting?

Provided you’re over the age of 18, yes. 
You’re required to be over the age of 18 to open betting accounts in the UK.

If you’re from outside of the UK and online gambling is legal in your country then leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to point you in the direction of the best person to speak to on getting set up.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes, Matched Betting is completely legal.

It’s still fairly new, but has been covered by major news organisations as it’s popularity grows. 


Are There Any Risks?

Because you are covering all possible outcomes by both backing and laying your bets. You’re effectively removing any risk that’s associated with traditional betting and gambling.

The only real risk is human error. This can include not checking the latest odds, entering an incorrect amount etc.  

It’s for this reason that I always suggest purchasing a subscription to a dedicated Matched Betting website such as Profit Accumulator. Which provides detailed walkthroughs of every single bet you’ll be placing. As well as taking things slowly and at your own pace. This isn’t a race, and more often than not by rushing you’ll make mistakes. 

Do I Need To Know Anything About Gambling or Sports?

When I started out I’d never placed a bet in my life and the last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday was watch the football. Yet I went on to make £20,000 in tax-free cash thanks to Matched Betting in 2016.

If I can do it, you can too…

What If I’ve Already Got Betting Accounts?

That doesn’t matter… With more than 50 UK licensed bookmakers and new ones appearing all the time there are plenty of sign up and reload offers you’ll be able to take part in.

What Happens After The Sign Up Bonuses? – Surely It’s All Over Then?

Far from it, in fact that’s when you move on to reload offers. Reload offers are promotional offers by the bookie to incentives people to keep coming back and playing more.

Websites such as Profit Accumulator update the different reload offers for more than 50 bookmakers multiple times a day. Which means there’s always an offer to be taking part in.

How Much Can Earn From Matched Betting?

I mentioned previously that I managed to make £20,000 in a year. However, I’m not the only one… In fact people have earned more than £100,000 from Matched Betting. 

Profit Accumulator has ‘clubs’ within their forum for people to join when they reach particular financial milestones. You can also share all the things you’ve been able to purchase as a result of Matched Betting.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Check out what other people have to say…

If Matched Betting Is So Good Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and peoples reasons often vary. Although these are just a selection of the most common;

I don’t have the time
It’s a scam
It’s too hard / I don’t understand
I’ll probably loose money
I don’t have the cash to start
It will affect my child tax credits
It will affect my pension
It’s illegal

All of these aren’t true. It’s tax-free because you’re technically winning from ‘gambling’ despite being risk free. It’s not a scam, it’s no illegal. It can take you as much or as little time as you like, and you can start with as little as £50.

But still, try telling that to some people who only complain how broke they are in every other sentence…

Will Matched Betting Change My Credit Rating / Chances of Getting A Mortgage?

This question has been debated on matched betting forums for as long as I’ve been taking part. So, let me share with you what I know;

In some cases bookmakers may run soft checks on your credit report. This is pretty much the same s when you use a car insurance comparison website such as Go Compare or Compare the market.

However, the mortgage part is a little more complex. For a new mortgage applications you’ll often find that you have your bank accounts reviewed. To do this the bank may ask for your bank statements. 

There are two ways of getting around this;

Firstly, stop matched betting prior to applying for a mortgage. You’ll need to stop anything between 12 months to a year before applying.

Alternatively, you could look to use a Skrill account. This should allow you to continue matched betting.

Finally, remember Matched Betting isn’t classed as an income and you therefore can not declare it as such when applying for a mortgage. 

How Much Money Do I Need To Start Matched Betting?

You can start Matched Betting with a float of as little as £50.

However, the more money you have set aside the better as you’ll be able to steam through the offers without waiting for the cash to move from your betting account back into your bank account.

How To Get Started Matched Betting

The easiest and quickest way to get started with Matched Betting is in my opinion to set up a free trial with Profit Accumulator.

This free trial will teach you how to make £45, and then it’s up to you if you want to continue with Profit Accumulator and Matched Betting on other offers.

I also have a dedicated Facebook group set up for ‘my gang’ of Matched Betting fans, which you are more than welcome to join.

Matched Betting Terminology

When you first get started, Matched Betting can seem like learning an entirely new language. Especially in the forums. However, as with any forum it’s easy to decode with a little practice. In fact before long you’ll be doing abbreviations of your own. However, in the meantime, to get you started. These are some of the most commonly referenced terms and their meanings;

365 – Bet365
888 – 888 Sport
Acca – Accumulator bet
Arb – Arbitrage Bet (Back odds higher than lay odds)
Bfex – Betfair Exchange
BFSB – Betfair Sportsbook
BoG – Best Odds Guaranteed
BTTS – Both Teams to Score
BV – BetVictor
Cheltmas – The Cheltenham Festival
DD/HH – Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven
EV – Estimated Value
EW – Each Way
FB – Free Bet
FGS – First Goalscorer
Gubbed – Promo banned at a bookie.
HT/FT – Half Time/Full Time
Lads – Ladbrokes
OLA – Override Lay All
PA – Profit Accumulator
PP – PaddyPower (Can also mean 888sport Premier Player)
PPM – PaddyPower Messenger
QL – Qualifying loss
RTP – Return to Player
SMM – Super Monopoly Money
SNR – Stake not Returned
SR – Stake Returned
WH/Hills – William Hill
WWGI – Win, Win, Get in (Coral offer)

I hope you have enjoyed my selection of Matched Betting FAQ. As I mentioned earlier in this post I’m looking to update this and answer any questions you might have about Matched Betting so feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer…


Matched Betting
I recently completed my first betting exchange review. In an effort to share more information about matched betting. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to earn £20,000 in tax free cash this year. Just like I did in 2016.

An while I’ve recently completed a detailed and in depth matched betting FAQ post. One question I struggle to answer is “Which betting exchange should I use?”

That’s because unfortunatly the answer is highly dependent on a vast array of variables. The only way I can combat such a question is by reviewing each of the five betting exchanges currently on the market.

If you’ve not already checked out my review of the biggest betting exchange on the market.

Today, I’m covering the Matchbook exchange. The Matchbook exchange continues to grow with popularity for matched bettors thanks to it’s fantastic commission rates.

However, a great betting exchange is made up of more than just commission. Instead it comes down to three things, and it’s those three things that I’ll be covering in every betting exchange review.

Wagering Options

The Matchbook exchange has a wide variety of wagering options. However, it’s not quite as comprehensive as Betfair. You’ll find all of the horse racing, and all of the major football matches. However, you won’t be able to lay off bets such as first goal scorer using this particular exchange.

There are however some ‘off the beaten track’ betting opportunities including these political ones. You maybe thinking ‘I’ll never need them…’ but actually you’ll be surprised how many bookmakers look to capitalise on one off betting opportunities by promoting special offers – which as matched bettors make us money!

matchbook exchange review


Market Liquidity

Market liquidity matters people! That’s the amount of money in the market, to ensure that you’re bet doesn’t become partially matched.

I’ve been in situations in the past where it’s been seconds until kick off or until a race starts and my bet is still partially matched because I’ve failed to check how much money is in the market. 

Matchbook doesn’t have the most money in the market, but for most mainstream events you should be able to get buy. Especially if the horse or team is the (one of the) favourite(s).

matchbook review
Again, if the market liquidity isn’t enough I’ll either wait (if the start time is okay) or I’ll move to Smarkets or Betfair which have a higher market liquidity. However, they do charge more commission

You can always check the amount of money in the market using the numbers provided, and remember you don’t need to mug bet the exchanges, they wont gub you. 


Let’s face it, the one thing we all care about is money. Matchbook seem to know that which is why they offer just 1.5% commission.

That drops to 0.75% if you post an offer, which another user then matches. (learn more about that here)

If all that wasn’t enough they offer £50 cash back exclusively for readers of The Mini Millionaire. Click on the super annoying flashing image below to sign up and receive the offer.


Side Notes

Matchbook is just an exchange. Exchanges don’t gub you so you don’t need to worry about placing mug bets.

Personally, I’d use Matchbook exchange as much as possible due to the great rates of commission it’s going to reduce the amount you loose on qualifying bets and increase the amount you make on free bets. However, that’s just my opinion. As always I’d love to know what you guys think of Matchbook – let me know in the comments below.


Matched Betting

Whether you’re in Matched Betting for the long haul or simply want to speed up the process in which you are able to capitalise on your results. It makes sense to have an e-wallet. The most common of which in Matched Betting is Skrill.

Skrill was founded in 2001, and is formerly known as MoneyBookers. It allows payments and money transfers to be made through the internet with a focus on low-cost international transfers. The company was launched and continues to operate in London, England.

So, let’s get started on the many benefits (and drawbacks) of opening a Skrill account for Matched Betting…

Benefits of Skrill


So many people complain about the lack of offers they are able to complete on a weekend due to not having the bank or float to do so. The time in which it takes your bank to process the withdrawal from a bookmaker account certainly doesn’t help – especially on a weekend.

However, Skrill has the ability of INSTANT withdrawals. That’s right, no more pending withdrawals instead you can option instant access to you’re funds and move straight onto the next offer…


When it comes to matched betting, many people question the impact it’s going to have on their mortgage applications and / or credit rating. One way to prevent all of this is with a Skrill account.

You won’t have to share your bank information with the bookmarkers and you’ll be able to keep all your matched betting transactions separate from your everyday banking.

Bank Card

Skrill also offers customers a pre-paid card. This can be used to add and withdraw funds from your account, make payments at selected retailers and use as travel money.

Exclusive Offers

Skrill also have some exclusive offers, these provide you with an opportunity to get specially designed offers with the bookmakers. Before you’re alarm bells start ringing, don’t worry. Many ‘professional’ and proficient gamblers also use Skrill so they won’t just straight assume you’re someone who is Matched Betting.

Here’s just some of the available offers on my own account right now;

Customer Support

Skrill is a regulated service, and just like any regulated service it has a dedicated customer service support area. This includes an instant FAQ section as well as contact options including email and telephone.

So, should you have any questions you’ll be safe in the knowledge that there is always someone around to help.

Drawbacks of Skrill

I believe for many the benefits are going to outweigh the drawbacks. However, that’s not to say Skrill doesn’t have some… 

Sign Up Restrictions

Some bookmakers do not allow initial deposits from Skrill in order to qualify for the sign-up offer. I’ve created the table below with all the details you need to know. 

This table is correct at the time of publishing. As always, I’d recommend checking with the bookmaker before proceeding to deposit or withdraw using Skrill.

As always I’d love to know what you guys think. Have you used a Skrill account in the past? Does it help you with matched betting? Let me know in the comments below…


Matched Betting
Since writing about my £20,000 success with Matched Betting I’ve been asked no end to review the service I use. While there are many both free and paid services available to assist you with Matched Betting. I made my money with Profit Accumulator

I’ve tried and tested the others but I still stick to Profit Accumulator, despite being slightly more expensive than the others and for good reason… I’m earning so much money by matched betting I don’t care!

Okay, that’s a slight over exaggeration but you know what I mean. Access to the site after the free trial is £17.99 or £150 for the year. I made £20,000 in 2016. That’s an average of £1,600 a month. Ultimately in the matched betting game time is money, I put a price on my time and if a service is able to save me that amount or more then personally for me it’s a winner…

That said, I’m putting my objective hat on today and giving you the comprehensive Profit Accumulator review.


I’m starting this Profit Accumulator review off with perhaps the most essential feature of any matched betting support site. The service offerings, I’ve broken these down into sections;

Tutorial Videos

Starting out we’re all nervous, and rightly so. It seems so foreign and hard to understand. However the basic training and tutorial videos available on Profit Accumulator are super simple and straight forward. 

All this makes it incredibly hard to make a mistake while completing your offers because the tutorials walk you through the whole process from start to finish, step by step.

However, the support doesn’t stop once you have established yourself as a matched better. In fact Profit Accumulator continue to provide a full written tutorial for every offer they put on their site. Regardless of the ‘skill level’ required to take part.

Matched Betting Calculator

When it comes to matched betting it’s often the calculations that confuse people. However, the calculator available for Profit Accumulator couldn’t make it more straight forward.

Simply enter your odds from the bookmaker and betting exchange. Enter the stake of your bet or free bet and it’ll tell you exactly how much you need to lay in the exchange and what your profit will be – regardless of the outcome of the event.

Profit Accumulator Review
When it comes to the more complex situations then Profit Accumulators calculators can help you once again. In fact they have nine advanced calculators that you’ll be using in particular situations (when you advance further into matched betting).

Profit Accumulator Review


Next up we have the oddsmatching software. You’ll be using this to find the most profitable sporting events. The filters make it simple to search for particular sports, bookies, exchanges or market type. 

Within the oddsmatcher you’re then able to click on the odds and navigate direct to the event within the bookmakers. The calculator is even built in to the oddsmatcher software and does the calculations for you right there and then.


Matched Betting Forum

Without a doubt the greatest asset Profit Accumulator has is the forum. Being the largest matched betting website, their dedicated forum is packed with fellow matched bettors at all levels of experience, voluntary moderators and staff willing to help you with any and all offers.

Match & Acca Catcher

The recently released and super popular acca catcher and match catcher are also services that are now provided completely free of charge with your Profit Accumulator membership. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more.


As well as the voluntary forum moderators. The Profit Accumulator support staff are super helpful.

Not only are they clued up on matched betting – often taking on some of the action themselves. They also provide great customer service and are available to contact my email or telephone. In most cases I’ve had a same day reply via email which has been more than satisfactory.

Success Stories

There are thousands upon thousands of Profit Accumulator success stories. However, my personal favourite are inside of the forums and include; £1k profit club, £3k profit club, £10k, £25k, £50k and even a £100,000 profit club!!

As well as providing many success stories on a regular basis, these clubs also provide motivation for many of us. There is also a dedicated forum thread for showing off the things you’ve purchased with your matched betting profits.

In conclusion, after almost three years post joining Profit Accumulator for the very first time I still believe it’s the very best matched betting service out there.

As always, I’d love to know what you think of this Profit Accumulator review? Are you a member of Profit Accumulator? Are you a member of one of the other matched betting websites? Let me know in the comments below…