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On our last stop of our digital nomad adventure (or until we decide to jet off again), we went to Hamburg for 2 nights and I am so glad we did.

While here for our short stay, we picked out what we wanted to visit and off we went, first, of course, had to be the number one attraction in Hamburg, the Miniatur Wunderland.  

Miniatur Wunderland is a unique attraction in Hamburg and is definitely worth visiting, suitable for everyone with cheeky nude figurines for the adults, trains and an airport to keep everyone entertained, you really can’t go wrong.

We arrived on a Sunday late afternoon, headed up the stairs to the entrance, though I didn’t like the fight through the shop to get to the exhibition, you will soon forget once you see the magic. The exhibition is over 3 floors so there is a lot to see.

You are greeted at the top of the stairs by what looks to be a timetable on a screen, the screen displays the number of guests visited over the years from different destinations such as the UK, USA and more unknown as Saint Lucia and much more. This was a nice feature to see to really realise the popularity of the Miniatur Wunderland and Hamburg itself.

I was surprised to see how detailed the exhibition was, from each figure being individual and different from the last, the detailing in making everything so life like. I really enjoyed seeing places we had seen ourselves or knew to see the detail of the scenery and the buildings.

There is everything to entertain from a fully working airport with a departure and arrivals board along with taking off and landing. The attention to detail within each section is worth spending hours to find everything you can. I love that there is something for all ages, fans of cars, planes and trains as well as the hidden nudes and cheeky scenes for the adults.

The only downside to the exhibition is the crowds, it can get a little tight and be prepared to leave a particular exhibition and come back to it when it is less busy. As people like to take their time and see everything they can on the exhibit, it meant that there was quite a build up in the first room but once past that initial room it tends to spread out more. 

One of my favourite features of the exhibition was the change from daylight to nighttime and back again, with the details of the lights changing slowly to create a sunset and sunrise. Along with the change of days came the change within the exhibition, each car, building and street light also came on and off with the change. The attention to detail here was great to see and think it made it all the more exciting and real for me to see, especially if you visit Las Vegas in the change from daylight to sunset.

Overall I would definitely come again to Miniatur Wunderland to see more of the hidden figures, watch the planes take off and more. I would love to see it after more development and admire the hard work that has gone in to creating such an amazing place. 

If you have visited Miniatur Wunderland, let me know what you thought and your favourite part in the comments.


It’s one week until I turn 25, and yet I still remember the days where I dreamt about being old enough to drive my own car, or what would happen if I failed my GCSE’s. 

I never understood people who said “Time flies”, but now I finally get it as I sit here contemplating where the past 25, especially the last 5 years of my life have gone. 

As a tribute to my birthday I decided to share with you the 25 things I have learnt in my 25 years here, on planet earth.

1. You’ll never see 90% of the people you knew at high school so don’t worry about what they think of you.

2. 90% of your ideas will be bad, but you have to go through the bad to find the good so don’t ever be afraid of trying – regardless of how silly your idea may seem.

3. University isn’t necessary. In fact, I struggle to find people who have a career in something directly related to their degree.

4. Save as much money as you can, as young as you can. But don’t let it take over your life.

5. Invest in yourself. In your education. In your well-being. It will pay dividends.

6. Some things are worth paying more for. Like clothes.

7. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Promotions, relationships, discounts – Don’t be afraid to ask!

8. Say no.

9. You will do stupid things, you will regret those stupid things. Learn from them, and move on

10. If you’re going to do something. Do it right. Give it your EVERYTHING!

11. Entering (and going on to win) competitions can give you things that you otherwise could only dream of.

12. Life is short. Kids I went to primary school with have died. On more than one occasion. Aged 19 and 23 – and there are just the ones I know about.

13. Music changes everything. So turn it up!

14. You’re parents DON’T always know best, but sometimes they do. Confusing I know.

15. You’ll never actually know what you want to be when you grow up… 

16. Travel. Travel far, travel wide. Travel alone, travel with friends. Travel on a budget, travel in style. Just travel. 

17. Don’t text. Don’t email. Use that god damn phone and call people!

18. That tattoo idea that you think is cool aged 18, wont be when you’re almost 25. 

19. Set up a direct debit and send as little as £2 to a charity of your choice once a month. Thanks to compound interest that’ll mount up to thousands. 

20. Compound interest.

21. Invest in a good phone case. If you’re going to have a £600 phone you better protect it with a £30 phone case. 

22. Minimalism. 

23. Stop dwelling on the past and focus on the now.

24. Document, don’t create. Thanks, Gary

25. Be yourself. Find someone who loves you for you and do things that make you god damn happy. (and yes, that includes work!)

Here’s to being a quarter of a century.


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While we were making our way back to the UK from our digital nomad adventure, our final stop was Hamburg. We had heard so many nice things about Hamburg so we thought why not make the most of our time here. 

While staying in Hamburg we checked out some of the top things to do. It should come as no surprise that Chocoversum was first on our list.

If you didn’t already guess, it is a museum about chocolate, but not just any museum, this was an experience in itself or some may say a meal in itself. Who could possibly get to a city and turn down a visit to a chocolate museum? Not me!

Our Visit

We were booked in for an English tour starting 12.30, we arrived well before and got a chance to look around the store and bought a bottle of water. We debated the water after being told by the staff it was wise to have one with us, thinking it was going to be a scam but it really isn’t. We picked up a bottle of water for €1.50 from the shop, you will want a drink with you on the tour.

There are many tours daily and even if you can’t book onto an English speaking tour you can get a guide book. Tickets can be booked and purchased online or at the shop.  

When the tour starts we were given chocolate straight away, that to me is a great start. We walked into a room with a large fountain, that is covered with a protective plastic so unfortunately, I couldn’t just dunk my head underneath and drink the chocolate. The tour takes you from the very beginning of where the cocoa beans are grown and what makes the best cocoa bean as well as their shipping methods.

I really enjoyed the hands on learning of the tour as you can really get to see the raw material and experience the process that goes into making the chocolate. We had a great guide who was fun and really interacted with the group. The museum has plenty to see other than what is shown to you, not a detail was left out and definitely made me feel like I left an expert. 

The best part of the tour and I am sure everyone would agree is the part we got to make our own bar of chocolate, we were led into a room that had a beautiful smell of chocolate, although the whole museum smelt like that. On both sides of the room was a wide selection of different toppings from dried fruits, smarties and chocolates to gummy bears and sweets. We were able to pick 3 toppings to use on our bars, it was hard to choose just three but we managed in the end. 

We finished the tour and got out bars at the end to wrap up ourselves and take home to eat, though Helen’s didn’t last very long. There were plenty of opportunities to taste the chocolate on your way around and learn the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate.

We had a great time and feel it is something for everyone, there is plenty to learn and much more tasting and hands on than I thought there would be so I thought this was great.


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On our last stop on our digital nomad adventure, or at least for now, we visited the wonderful city of Hamburg. We had already got our flight from Hamburg back to Manchester for a great price, so why not visit and explore the city?

We were invited to stay at the Hotel/Hostel Superbude, check out my review here if you are planning a trip to Hamburg.

Flamm Hus

Flamm Hus was suggested to us by Come To Hamburg to try out. It is a french food restaurant located in a food market a short walk away from the Chocoversum Museum. The market hall had a few other places to eat from noodles to pizza and more. 

We had a traditional Flamm Hus with a cream cheese base, spring onions and chorizo topping. It was quick and delicious, sadly we were so hungry and ate it so fast we forgot to take a picture. We got one to share with 2 drinks for €10.90, it was a great alternative to pizza or sandwich if you like us are a little fed up of bread. 

Mam Eat Greek

This place was located in a hive of activity with independent shops and restaurants, great for us as it was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. There were many other restaurants around, we had everything from Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian but not Greek on our travels. 

The place was clean tidy and the food looked delicious. We both chose to have a chicken gyros, a pita like bread filled with chips, sauces, salad and chicken and my favourite tzatziki along with a drink each. This came to a total of €13.40 which we thought was great value for money.

Though there was a little confusion with meals, when we got our food it was beautiful, well presented and full of flavour.  I would definitely eat here again due to the great quality of the food and the value of the meal. 

Better Burger Company

We ate here for dinner one evening and it was gorgeous, everything was made fresh and you could pick the toppings for your burger which is always a bonus for me as I like a lot on my burger. The company pride themselves on making the best burger with their secret ingredient being you. You choose the final flavours and sauces to the burger to make it one of a kind. 

We got 2 100g burgers with cheese and bacon and 2 drinks for €18.90, while the prices were higher than we would have liked, the food was great quality so was definitely worth the price.

While ordering you pick what burger you want and then when it is read you go and pick your 3 toppings and sauce, I liked this idea so you can actually decide what you want with your burger, simple and easy and makes happy customers. The atmosphere was cool, nice seating outside for the sunny days and plenty of seating indoors. 

If you have been to Hamburg and found a great place to eat let me know in the comments and tell me why you liked it.