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We have continued our digital nomad adventure and got a coach from Berlin to Hamburg. Having found a budget flight back to the UK direct from Hamburg. We we’re excited to spend a few days here and see what the city had to offer.

During our time here we had the pleasure of staying in the central and very stylish Superbude St Pauli. Here’s our take on this stylish hotel / hostel;

Trip Details

Dates: 30th July 2017 – 1st August 2017 
Price We Paid Per Night: Hosted
Room Type: 
Double with Ensuite
Booking Platform:


Superbude St Pauli is in the most perfect location. A short walk away were a hive of restaurants, bars and cafes as well as small independent shops.

There is a bus stop directly outside the hotel. Here you can catch the number 3 bus into the more central part of the city. The bus was a 13-minute ride into the main shopping area of town, further on the bus route will take you to the Miniatur Museum and the Chocoversum Museum. 

The Room

We stayed in a double room with ensuite on the top floor. The lift could only go to the 4th floor and then there was a short walk up the last few steps to our room that was on a long corridor. The room was bright, clean, comfortable and came with everything you would need and more.

The bed was very comfortable with what I can only imagine to be a bedding with a high thread count (seriously, it was so soft and smooth and just perfect!).

The room had a multi purpose bench that doubled up as storage with a padlock for your stuff, on the side was a little table that swung around to be a desk. The bed had a lamp at each side with plug sockets and a separate USB port.

The ensuite bathroom was very clean, spacious and bright, though the lighting was dim, the use of the wood made it feel much lighter.

What we really liked were the additional services within the room such as the emergency kit for women, a hair dryer, laundry bag and locker for your belongings. We really like the quirky and unique touches such as the flip flop magazine holder.


The hotel had a dining area for breakfast, with an adjoining communal area with repurposed furniture such as wheelbarrow seats. The reception was clean, tidy and very welcoming with bright colours and a cool feel. 

Within the reception, there was a little display that had sandwiches, fruit bowls and some snacks that you could purchase along with 2 fridges with a variety of drinks to purchase at the desk. The fridges are open around the clock which is great for if you need to grab a drink before you head off for your early flight like we did or a late night snack. 

There are so many other facilities available to use such as an iMac station and printer to print off boarding cards. Magazines, board games and drinks are available which all contribute to the most perfect ‘day in’ or ‘evening off’ with friends.

What we really enjoyed (perhaps a little too much) was the fruit bowl full of stickers for you to take and decorate everything from your notebook to your bag.


For a small additional fee there’s a fantastic buffet breakfast on offer. Without a doubt the highlight for Helen was the waffle maker. There was a jug and ladle to one side with the mixture and a variety of different toppings from syrup, Nutella, sugar and icing sugar. Helen had never had a waffle before so this made her day. 

There were a variety of jams, spreads for toast, freshly baked rolls with hard boiled eggs. There was a selection of meat and cheeses along with fresh coffee, tea and juices. There was possibly everything you could think of to have for breakfast and the presentation was wonderful. 

This is definitely a place I would stay again and recommend to friends and family for their trip to Hamburg. I really enjoyed the small details to the quotes at breakfast to the emergency kit in the bathroom. I think the small details and quirky touches really made this hotel for me, I liked that you felt you had the luxury and felt well looked after without having to have the price tag attached. 

If you have stayed at a Superbude before and have any experiences let me know in the comments. 

Thanks to Superbude and Come To Hamburg for accommodating us on this trip. As always all opinions are our own.


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Let me start by saying charity shops are AWESOME! 

They are a place to do some good when de-cluttering, and they are a place to grab a bargain when you’re looking for a new book, to up-cycle some furniture or a new outfit. 

However, charity shops aren’t always the easiest things to find. Especially if you’re new to an area. Which is why today I’ll be showing you how to find a local charity shop.



Google, is there really anything this search engine giant can’t do?

Simply search ‘charity shops’ and then your destination. Click over to maps and you’ll find the location, name and opening times of every charity shop listed.

This is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to find charity shops. If you have a smartphone then the search can also be done using the Google maps application. Ideal for charity shopping on the go!

Local Facebook Pages

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it can be a great resource. Many communities have set up groups for people to join and find out information about a particular area. Questions can include; Local events, details in regards to a particular school and community issues and concerns.

All this makes local Facebook pages a fantastic resource if you’re looking for charity shops. Be sure to read the rules of every group first, and then ask away.

While it takes a little longer than a Google search and the responses are going to need collating, you may find a hidden gem that you otherwise wouldn’t of found or some information as to the best times to visit, or what particular shop to go to for specific types of products i.e. furniture or clothing.

The High Street

Should all the above fail you, then head to the local high-street. I’m yet to visit a town or city without charity shops on the high-street. 

You might not get great charity shops, and they might not have what you’re looking for. But they are a fantastic starting point, into your ‘charity shop hunting’.

Also don’t be afraid to ask in the store if they have any other stores local. You might find that particular charities have stores in neighbouring towns. 

Let me know how you go on finding a local charity shop with these techniques. If you have any hints on how to find a local charity shop then feel free to leave a comment below. In the meantime check out my post on how to find local car boot sales, for other bargains!