Back in early January 2017, I decided to take Youtube a little bit more seriously. So, I began researching events across the UK. Originally, I was priced out of going to VidCon in both Amsterdam and Anaheim – although I did end up going to VidCon Europe in Amsterdam in the end. You can read more about this here.

So I opted for the smaller UK based event, Summer in the City. Labelled as the biggest Youtuber event in the UK I figured I couldn’t go wrong. So, I decided to book a ticket for the creator day only, Friday the 4th August. Here’s what happened…



The event was hosted at the Excel in London. The premier event space in London, this place is easily accessible by public transport or by car. I chose to drive to London that day, however I was highly disappointed by the £20 standard parking charge. While this covers you for 24 hours, I only stayed for around 4. 

The Excel in London is also fantastic for the number of surrounding hotels available to suit most budgets (from basic to luxury) all within walking distance. This was perfect for those who were looking to attend the event over the entire weekend. 

Now for a couple of negatives; The venue offered free WIFI, although I found it to be rather spotty at times. However, my main cause for concern came from the lack of lighting, especially in the panel sessions. These sessions are at least on creator days supposed to be educational and informative. However, the size of the building and lack of lighting made it both hard to see and hard to hear. Compare this to the RAI in Amsterdam for VidCon where the panels were in a more office / classroom environment with fantastic facilities, lighting and services it just didn’t compare.


The fast majority of speakers we’re non-prolific. Even for the UK Youtuber market. In fact, there were only a hand-full I’d heard of and wanted to see speak in a creator panel.

Unfortunatly the content didn’t make up for this. With repetitive and highly similar content (example Gaming Stage at 12:00 and 12:00 and 13:00 in Panel Room A all seemed to cover pretty much the same thing) and a serious lack of hands-on / interactive experiences and tutorials.


I don’t think anything can sum up the atmosphere of the Summer in the City Creator Day quite like the moment I pulled into the carpark of the Excel and wondering if I had the right location because the whole place was empty.

In fact, even in the main haul, I still had that same concern. I appreciate that the size of the event is catering to the main SITC event over the weekend. However the whole place was VERY bare with 100 times less people inside of it. 

I think a lot of Youtube based events are all about the community feel and atmosphere and that just wasn’t there here.

In my opinion, the SITC team need to either move the creator day to a separate venue more catered to this style of event or put it inside of the main event like VidCon to really create that atmosphere. 

Value For Money

The ticket for the Summer in the City creator day along was £30. I’m not going to talk in reference to the £20 parking charge or the cost of petrol, food etc. as it’s really going to be different for everyone.

Instead, the value for money for the £30 ticket alone… and in my opinion. It just wasn’t worth it. Not even close. I honestly don’t see what you got for that £30


Make Money, Selling Lego
There’s an age-old discussion on the Lego forums and it all comes down to one simple question. New or Used Lego?

You’ll find some people sceptical of fakes, and unwilling to purchase used, and therefore pay an additional cost to purchase new. However, you’ll find the bargain hunters or those looking for more unique, no longer available parts that simply have to purchase used.

As Lego resellers, what we need to assess is what condition Lego we should sell…

Selling New Lego

The benefits to selling new Lego parts are you can acquire new Lego quite easily and quickly. You can buy Lego sets within toys shops, supermarkets and online and have them in your hands the very same day. Another benefit to working with new Lego parts is that they will not require cleaning, taking away an extra step so you can get the parts sorted and put into the inventory quickly.

When buying new Lego sets you can often get a large quantity, meaning you have more of the same part, which is useful for those who are wanting to buy in bulk to complete a build. Buying new can often mean you can build your store and add diversity quicker and with half the sorting than used would take.

Selling Used Lego

There are many benefits to selling used Lego parts, you may not think it right now but once you have had a good haul with used you will always want to buy it. You can buy used Lego from charity shops, eBay and at car boots and auctions. The best benefit to selling used parts is that you can often find parts that are rare or uncommon which make them more valuable and can often be in high demand. 

The rare parts will come from sets that were released years prior and had a particular part in them. You can also get the parts much cheaper if you find a bundle that is listed for a low price, this can make the parts cheaper and worth buying to sell for profit over new parts.

Unfortunatly, a drawback to buying used Lego is fakes. Something we’re seeing more and more of as the popularity, and price of Lego continues to grow. However, don’t let this put you off. I’ve an entire post dedicated to educating people on how to spot fake Lego to ensure you don’t fall pray to the knock-offs.

Another drawback to used Lego has to be the cleaning process. I’ve encountered everything you should and shouldn’t see in a box of Lego so be prepared for anything (cigarette butts – yep!). Not only does cleaning Lego cost money in materials, it also takes up valuable time. I’ve a post dedicated to sharing some of my greatest Lego cleaning secrets, although this certainly isn’t going to be for everyone.

Ultimately, the decision as to whether to sell new or used Lego is yours. An while you can go about selling both new and used Lego you’re likely to quickly find that one type of Lego suits your needs better than another. That said, I hope this post has highlighted that there’s A LOT to think about when selling Lego regardless of it’s condition. 

If you have any comments or questions about selling new or used Lego or Lego in general feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.